Monday, October 11, 2010

Sarah's House

Sarah Richardson from HGTV's Sarah's House
Photo from Sarah's House Facebook page
 Does anyone else want Sarah to be one of your BFFs?  I know I do!  I love her show Sarah's House on HGTV.  The farmhouse she's renovated for season 3 is amazing.  The show is full of practical advice and creative solutions, but her personality and style are the main reasons I watch it.  Sarah's chic outfits are a little bit of a scene stealer.  Sometimes I'm distracted by her colorful jackets and tops, her amazing shoes and boots and cute jeans.  Of course, I appreciate all of her knowledge on design and construction, but I think it's the combination of her bubbly personality and no nonsense approach to building that make the show one of my faves.  If you haven't ever checked out Sarah's House on HGTV, it's a must see.


  1. You know I am a fan! When are there going to be new episodes!?! I've watched so many episodes over and over again, I'm ready to see some new FABULOUSNESS!

  2. i love that show too! so much.

    her style is amazing. i love seeing her decor ideas and everything she wears. great show!

  3. Must. See. When is she on... don't remember seeing her show listed??

  4. Okay, I have never heard of this show, but I think I would LOVE it! I am going to add it to my DVR!

  5. one of my favorite shows!! i wish there were more episodes online though.


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