Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Mirror and Framed Prints

I'm so thankful that Cha Cha at Sit Relax and Read started Sentimental Sundays.  It's a place to share the special and meaningful things in our homes that we hold dear.  It's the pieces that hold memories and bring a tear to the eye when thought about.  Each piece has a special story.  Each story is unique.  Each piece is irreplaceable.

This mirror was my grandmother's mirror. She told me it belonged to her grandmother, Mama Crawley. My grandma is 87 so you can imagine how old this mirror would be. As I told you last week, I lived with my grandparents growing up. I was surrounded by sentimental family heirlooms. The family heirlooms may not be Antiques Roadshow material, but they are valuable and special to us.

The prints below belonged to my husband's grandmother, Mamaw Morrow.  When he was little he remembers looking at these prints at her house and wondering about the writing because it was in a different language.  Mark's grandmother passed away just before we got married, and when the items in her home were being divided among the family these were given to us.  It's so special that we were able to have something from her in our home.  We treasure them and have had them hanging beside my great-great-grandmother's mirror in our living room for the last eight years.

Please join in the sharing of special memories at Sit Relax and Read.  Thank you, Cha Cha, for welcoming us to share.
Sit Relax and Read


  1. I love all three, what amazing treasures. I can't believe that the mirror was your grandmothers grandmother, can you imagine how many people in your family have stood in front of it, it blows my mind to think of that. Also how amazing that it has survived this long, wow. I am enjoying getting to know you, you are truely a beautiful person.

    Cha Cha

  2. These are beautiful pieces! And so full of special memories....that is what makes them priceless. I love how you have grouped the three of them together....really makes a lovely display and creates IMPACT! Thank you for sharing them and the stories behind them.

    ~visiting from Janie's Porch~


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