Friday, August 7, 2015

Road Trip 2015 {Tyler, Texas}

Tyler Road Trip

Our second short road trip was to visit family in east Texas. We had a fun-filled weekend with our cousins. We visited the zoo, a train museum, the kids jumped at a trampoline park, we ate frozen custard and delicious Tex Mex. When we weren't out and about the kids got to hang out and play and the adults got to sit around the kitchen table and chat. It was fun and relaxing.

This was our first time to take Will and Ben to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.  

This is the cutest!  They are reading the map and deciding where to go next.

Petting zoo

These two were the real animal lovers.  
They even wanted to go into the hot (and smelly) rhino barn.

The whole gang!
It's a great thing to have family who are friends.

Tex Mex in downtown Tyler

Cotton Belt Depot Train Museum
The kids were tired after the zoo and I didn't know if they would find the museum very interesting. It ended up being one of their favorite things.  The gentlemen who gave the tour was knowledgeable and kind.

What can I say?  It was delicious!

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