Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's 2014

We celebrated Valentine's 2014 all week long.

Tuesday we bought a new couch and loveseat.  We weren't planning on purchasing it, but we're really happy that we did.  Mark and I don't give each other big gifts for holidays or birthdays.  Since we made that purchase near Valentines we just called it our gift to each other.  Romantic, right?  

On Thursday, we went to eat at one of our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants to avoid the Valentine's crowd on Friday.  Mark decided that he wanted to go out anyway on Friday night so we ended up eating BBQ at Rudy's.  We love BBQ so how perfect to have that on Valentines.  
BBQ is our love language. ;)

We made a stop by Whole Food super late, but we decided it would be okay since it was the weekend.

I thought the boys would sleep late on Saturday morning, but they were up before 7AM because they wanted to put together their new Lego Chima set that they got for Valentine's Day.

When I was cleaning house this weekend, I ended up finding the Valentine's cards I'd bought for Valentine's Day.  Oops!  I'd lost them so I couldn't give them to Mark and my nieces.  I guess I'll put those away and give them next year. 

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  1. Well, the snuggles on the new love seat make it a perfect Valentine's Day gift!


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