Sunday, February 23, 2014

February is Fun

February was full of fun birthday parties.

Will and Ben are lucky to be invited to such cool celebrations.

The first party of the month was a video game truck.  This was a first for the boys.  It was the quietest birthday party I'd ever been to.  The kids stayed in the truck/trailer for 2 hours and gamed their little hearts out.  The moms and dads got to hang out and talk.  A good time was had by all!
And, can y'all please check out the awesome Minecraft decorations!

The next birthday party was Disney Cars.  I love that my friend's daughter chose this theme.  Rachael is the cutest tomboy I know.  I had fun shopping for her gift.  We covered all the bases in the toy section--we bought her some cars and a Barbie.  Rachael's mom, Terri, is one of my BFFs from college.  She is a stay at home mom now but she was an elementary teacher before that.  When it comes to her children's parties she channels all of her elementary teacher creativeness into fun games and crafts.  My boys always love going to their house.

Look at that cake!  The boys won a "Piston Cup", played Plinko and raced cars on a ramp.  I told you she was creative.

They decorated wooden cars and stuffed their faces with cake and ice cream.  Ben was worn out by the time we got home from partying.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home.

This weekend Will went to a birthday party at a gym.  This was a first, too.  It was perfect for kids his age.  They all had their own trampoline to jump on.  They played games like tag.  They jumped from the rope swing into the foam pits and some even played around on the uneven bars, all while supervised by the gym staff.  The moms got to hang out in the stands and chat.  Birthday parties have become my main form of socialization on the weekends.  Fun for my kids and me.

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