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Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I had been blogging less than a year when I participated in my first Ultimate Blog Party in 2011.  It was such a cool experience that I definitely wanted to participate again this year.  My blog will be 2 years old in May.

If you are new here and made your way to my blog from the Ultimate Blog Party then let's get to know each other.  Here's a little info about me.

I'm Michele.

I've been married to Mark {my best friend and the love of my life} for almost 10 years.

We have been blessed with 2 awesome little boys, Will and Ben.

Will is 5 1/2 and Ben is almost 3.

I'm a junior high history teacher, and I'm thankful that I have a job I enjoy.

My faith is very important to me.  I am a Christian and our family is very involved in our church.

I had a hard time deciding where I should link up.  I definitely fall into the "mom blog" category but at the same time, I blog about my faith a lot.  I ended up going with the "mom blog" focus.

I started blogging back in May of 2010 just before Ben turned one.  I read blogs for a long time before I started my own.  There are several reasons I started a blog.  I'd struggled with a health issue that year, and blogging helped me resolve my feelings about it.  Will and Ben were finally getting older so I had a little more "me time". I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Texas and I miss having girlfriends to chat with like in my college days.  I discovered that the blog world allows you connect with like-minded people.  I never knew I'd find so many kindred spirits out there.  To say that blogging has changed my life would be an understatement.  I'm constantly blessed and encouraged by my blog friends.

Although I love blogging, and it's a big part of my life, I still struggle with balance.  I want to be connected to my blog and blog friends, but I also want to always focus first and foremost on my family.  If blogging interferes with that, then it takes a back burner while I refocus.

If you hang around you'll most likely find that I write about...

my boys

faith and religion

random things that I find interesting (phone dump post like Life in an Instant and InstaFriday)

what I wore (silly posts about my clothes)

traveling and road trips

our dream home/forever home

milk glass (I'm a little obsessed with collecting it)

Thanks so much for choosing to stop by!

{Photos by Lauren}


  1. I do believe I'm your newest follower from the blog party! I linked up, too, and after reading your blog (from what little I did)...feel like we have similar stuff in common. =) Inlove with our hubby Christians, teachers (well, did and probably will someday again), interested in growing, silly with fashion and love making my house a home. Diggin' the blog world and how fun it can be! Just wanted to say hello.

  2. I had a really hard time choosing between the two party areas too. I blog a lot about my faith, but I am a mommy blogger...oh well, just went with the mommy thing since it seemed to fit. I have two little girls around the same ages as your boys, so stories of them fill my blog too.

    Thanks for sharing your story about Bells Palsy. I've actually known some others who were afflicted by it too. It's crazy what the human body is capable of and capable of recovering from. Hope you have lots of fun meeting some new blog friends this week! When you get a chance, stop by and say hi! :)


  3. Just had to stop in say hello again. I found your blog on last year's UBP and have been following for the last year. Have fun "partying"!

  4. Stopping by from the party. I have two little boys and was a teacher in my "former life." I find blogging has provided me with an outlet and some great friends as well, since most of my mommy friends do not live locally.

  5. This is my first blog "party" and I'm so glad because I get to meet sweet, new (to me) blogs like yours. I'm new to the blogosphere (3 months) and have found it to be such a blessing to meet so many inspiring moms. I'm also a Christian, happily married (14 years), teacher (going back to the classroom after staying home 8 years), mommy blogger. So nice to meet you!

  6. Hi Michele! This is my first year to the party and I am sad to think what I have been missing! I love all these blogs I am finding, including yours and I can't wait to come back and read more about you and your family! :) Come by and say hi sometime! Kate

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by The NY Melrose Family and leaving such a sweet comment. Your family is beautiful as well. I'm following via gfc. Stop back any time!

  8. This is my first year in the UBP, and you're right: this is so fun hopping around and meeting new bloggers. I also had a hard time deciding between the faith or mom blog category, but I write more about mom/life stuff. It's just sort of weird since the two are not separate things in my life!

    I love home blogs too. My favorites are Young House Love and Bower Power. So much inspiration!

  9. Hello Michele! I am dropping by from UBP 12! I came across your blog and boy am I happy I did. You have a beautiful family and you have a great head on your shoulders. I am looking forward to coming back and reading more about you. Please stop by and say hello if you have a moment. Take Care and Happy Blogging!

  10. Hi Michele I would like to say you are blessed with a beautiful family! I just stopped by from UBP12 so glad I did. I look forward to reading more of your blog all the best Bianca. A UBP newbie!

  11. What a gorgeous family! It is so nice to meet you, Michele, and thank you for your kind comment over at Team Skelley. Mel is super sweet, isn't she? She is one of my favorite bloggers.

    I am your newest follower!! :D

  12. Those family pics are SO good! Congrats on almost 2 years of blogging. :)

  13. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm your newest follower and love reading about you and your adorable boys.

    I nominated you for a little award on my blog!


    Jorgensen Better Together

  14. Hi Michele! So nice to find your blog through the UBP. Your boys are so cute. I look forward to reading more! :)

  15. We have lots in common! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Gorgeous pics.

  16. Hi Michele! Your family is gorgeous - glad I stopped by! PArty ON!

  17. Hi, sorry it took me so long to visit you back. Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment during UBP 2012! In case you forgot, I am that blogger from Dubai! Nice to meet you! :)

    BTW, my son's name is Ben too!

    Grace @


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