Thursday, April 12, 2012

Opening Weekend 2012

Let's Go Rangers!

Mark loves baseball and has always been a huge Texas Rangers fan.  Last summer we didn't attend many games, but the summer of 2010 was all about baseball.  If you read my blog back then, we went to several Rangers games in Arlington, a Cardinals game in St. Louis, a Reds game in Cincinnati and a Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago.  Even though the boys are still pretty young baseball games are family-friendly and fun.

This year Mark got tickets for our family to go to a Texas Rangers game on Sunday evening.  We hadn't been to a game during Opening Weekend in about 8 years.  It was exciting to attend a game since the Rangers made it to the World Series the last two years.

Mark, Will and Ben just before the gate opened.

The boys were a little confused about why I asked a complete stranger to take our photo with my phone.  You can tell by the looks on their faces, ha! 

It was a neat coincidence to run into my cousin, Tommy, and his son Luke.  We didn't expect to see anyone we knew and we ended up seeing several people at the game.  It's a small world (even though there were over 45,000 people at the game!). 

Take me out to the Ball Game!  
In the outfield they shoot fireworks when a player hits a home run.  Ben thought that was the coolest thing.

My guys :) 

Mark bought a package deal--the Coca-Cola Family Pack--the package included tickets for the boys to play in the brand new Kid Zone.  They absolutely loved it.  I did too because it was indoors and there was air conditioning--major bonus!  

Will loves The Price Is Right game show so Rangers Plinko is right up his alley. 

There are three medal squares that you jump on to make the Texas Rangers "T" light up. 

Ben trying to make the "T" light up. 

Will doing his best to make the "T" light up. 

This is a terrible photo of me.  We were eating ice cream cones.  I included it because it's funny how Will and I have the exact same expression.

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