Friday, April 13, 2012

SUYL--Moms of all Boys

I'm Will and Ben's mom.

These two little guys are my pride and joy.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine my life any differently.  I don't know if I'd be a good "girl mom".   I'm sure I'd figure it all out just like I did with these two.  

I never had a preference in regards to having a boy or a girl.  I realized once I was pregnant that the most important thing was a healthy baby.  I didn't even care when we had our second.  Lots of people said, "Oh, I hope it's a girl!" but it honestly didn't matter to me.  I was just as happy with another boy.  I thought it would be neat for Will to have a brother.  I could just imagine all the of fun they would have together.

Funny story from our sonogram with Ben.  When it was over and we had found out that the healthy baby was Ben and not Claire (our girl name), my husband did a fist pump and said "I don't have to pay for a wedding!"  I laughed so hard!  I love that he's always practical.

There's never a dull moment in my life with a house full of guys.

It's what you would typically think of when you think of a family of all boys.
Legos on the floor
Holes in the knees of jeans
Sand in my kitchen floor from the sandbox in the backyard
Bicycles in the garage
Basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls scattered about
ESPN on the TV (that's my husband's channel!)

Like I said, life is never dull, sometimes I feel like more of a referee than a parent.  As the boys get older, they play together really well, but they also have their moments of sibling rivalry.  I suppose it's normal.   Most of all though they are sweet and lovable.  I remember friends of little boys telling me how much boys love their mommy.  It's so true.  My boys love and adore their daddy but sometimes mommy is who comforts them the most.  It's a sweet bond.

I assume that all parents, regardless of raising a boy or girl, think about their child's future.  I'm constantly thinking about what Will and Ben will be when they grow up.  I pray for them and pray that they will grow up to be godly men who love the Lord.  I also pray for their future wives.  I realize that one day someone will replace me in their life, and I pray that whoever they marry is a faithful Christian.  A friend who has older sons who are single recently wrote them a note and told them that she prays they will be the Christian men they are supposed to be so that they will be able to find the person right for them.  I thought that was an incredibly sweet thing.  She got the typical response from her sons....nothing, ha!  I guess I threw that in to be lighthearted because that's a normal response from a twenty-something guy who is single.

Things I like about raising boys:
They are low maintenance.
It's easy to pick out their clothes.
Will and Ben are laid back.
They are mini-me versions of their dad (probably my favorite!)

Things that are a challenge:
Grass stains!
Trying to teach manners
Potty training

I'm blessed more than I could ever describe, and  I love these boys so much!

Here are more than enough photos of my handsome, silly, sweet, funny, smart boys!

Can you tell I'm one proud mommy!?!

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All professional photos taken by Lauren


  1. Sweet pictures! I have 2 boys too. And I wouldn't trade em' for girls any day!!! The best part is, they'll always be mama's boys no matter their age. :)

  2. Aww, what handsome little men! I agree with the likes about raising boys! And potty training. Ya, that's not too fun either. I have two little boys, 15 months apart and they are my world! :)

    Here's my post on Kelly's Korner.

  3. Your little guys are too cute!! I agree with everything you said...100% :)

  4. Came over from Kelly's...I couldn't agree more with the low maintenance part!! My boys are laid back too! My eight year old is a "clone" of his Daddy and my 7 mo. old looks a little more like his Daddy's 2nd clone everyday!
    You have a beautiful family!

  5. I'm having my first baby (a boy) in a week! Thank you for sharing your story at Kelly's Korner. I'm trying to learn as much as possible about raising a sweet boy.

  6. Your boys are very sweet. Being the mom to three boys, I completely agree that grass stains and potty training are quite challenging!

  7. Stopping from Kelly's Korner. I am boy mom too. My husband said the same thing about the wedding cost.

  8. Great shots of your handsome sons!! I'm the mom of 5 grown sons!!

  9. I've got a 3 month old and almost 4 year old :) love your blog and your boys are adorable.... I'm a new follower from kellys korner!


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