Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walk in the Woods

On Christmas day, we walked through the woods on the land that we own.  This land is where we hope to build our forever home. 

We won't start building this year, but the closer it gets to becoming a reality the more I realize that we need to start seriously planning.  Just recently I was talking to someone about getting dirt work done for the site and pad for the house.  They were telling me that it's really important to prepare the pad and let it set.  I'm not sure the time frame that it should set, but I know that it's good for the foundation if you do.  Again, it takes planning to get things like this in order. 

Mark and I are excited and overwhelmed with all of the decisions we will be making. 

Right now since it's not in the near future, we're enjoying walking through the woods and dreaming about our forever home.

Through this clearing is where I'd like our private driveway.  It's secluded and I love the way the trees frame the path.

Mark and his dad walking down what I hope is our future driveway.

On the path, you pass by this exposed rock.

And here it is!
This is where we'd like to build our forever home.  It would be to the left of where Mark and his dad are standing.

The cedar trees need to be cleared and we need dirt work done, but we feel like this is the perfect spot.

There are paths all over the land, thanks to Mark's dad.

Wouldn't it be amazing to take a walk through the woods every day?

This is who I get to plan and dream with.  I'm a lucky girl!

While we live in the present, we dream about the future.

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  1. Building a forever home is so very exciting! One of my parents first homes with me was built in the woods with a long private driveway! At my young age I was terrified to be living in the woods, but it was a great peaceful house!

  2. That land is beautiful, and it's so exciting to plan for the future. My mom owns land down in granbury, and she always promised us a few acres, but there is a creek that runs in it, parallel and too close to the main road. The expense to get a bridge over that just to build would probably not be feasible. However, we do enjoy going down there and exploring. There are a ton of cedar trees on her land too and we just love it. Great pictures!

  3. What an amazing walk that must be - I bet your minds must have been racing with plans and hopes and dreams. I look forward to seeing your plans!!


  4. What a beautiful place. And what an exciting future too!

  5. This is so exciting! Looks like a wonderful place to live!

  6. It looks like a wonderful place for a forever home.

  7. gorgeous, gorgeous. can't wait to see what you do with this space :)

  8. I had to come over and say "Hi" - I see Emily also gave you the Liebster award. What a cute blog you have. Such pretty pictures. I also have two little boys - but they are older than yours. And last Wednesday was my first WIWW - I see that you also participate in that fun. ;) Anyway, nice to "meet" you. I'm going to follow.

  9. What joy to walk with nature and see God's beauty!!


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