Thursday, January 19, 2012

Texas and More

I love Life in an Instant and InstaFriday.  I can share all of the moments captured on my phone throughout the week (or in this case the last couple of weeks.)  I'm mostly using the hipstamatic app but I've used the instagram app a couple of times.

Over the Christmas break we stopped by Central Market in Plano.  (Nicolle, this photo is for you!)  Central Market is a fantastic grocery store that carries a lot of local Texas fare and produce and they support Texas farmers and ranchers.  They have this giant painted Texas flag in the entrance. 
God bless Texas!

On Monday, we were invited to celebrate the 3rd birthday of my cousin's son.  They had the party at a local children's museum.  What a terrific idea!  My boys had such a great time that we had a hard time getting them to leave.  This is a colorful mural painted on one of the walls at the museum.

Forty-two, anyone?  Do you play dominoes?  My grandpa used to play dominoes every day with the old men in our small town. 

Ben thought it was pretty neat to throw the dominoes and because of that I had to quickly take the photo so I could tell him to shuffle not throw. 

We haven't had a very cold winter, which is great, but I miss having chili on a cold night.  We had chili last week when we had a cold front.  This chili mix is made by my cousin and her husband's family.  Their line of gourmet dip mixes and other goodies is phenomenal.  You must check out Pepper Springs.  Mark and I love the Manana Mexican Dip and the Baked Enchilada Dip as well as JR's Chli Fixins'.  Delish!

I made frito chili pie. 

To redeem myself for the unhealthy frito chili pie, I also made something healthy.  Whole wheat penne pasta with spinach, tomatoes, olive oil and a little Newman's Own light Italian dressing.   

Lately my boys have been all about these smoothies. 

Last Friday we went to visit my grandma in the nursing home.  On the way there, the boys watched some movies using their headphones.  So darn cute! 

Poor Will scraped his hands when he fell at daycare.  Can you see the band-aides on each hand? 

We had another wonderful visit with my precious grandma.  She lives in the nursing home because of her advanced Alzheimer's.  Mama Winnie was in a pleasant mood.   

After the nursing home we treated ourselves to some Tex-Mex at our favorite restaurant.  Yum-o chips and salsa! 

Last week it was a beautiful day and we walked to the library after running some errands downtown.  Our small town has a really nice public library considering the size of our town.  We are definitely going to take advantage of it this summer. 



Will and Ben 

One more thing...
On Monday on our way home from the birthday party, we saw this beautiful sunset.  This was our incredible view while driving down the country road back to our small town.  We probably didn't pass 10 cars the entire 30 minutes we were driving home.  This is one of the benefits of country living--a beautiful, peaceful drive.

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  1. You are such a good granddaughter and mom! Love this post! That frito chili looks too good!!! Happy Friday!

  2. Mmmmm, chips and salsa, just about one of my favorite foods on earth!

    That sunset pic is gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful weekend : )

  3. Just stopping by from Life Rearranged! Love that first pic!!! (I'm a Texas girl) That frito pie looks soooooo yummy! Love all your pics, your boys are too cute!

  4. LOVE the Texas flag picture from CM. :))

    I could live on chips and salsa, but your spinach/pasta salad also looks delicious....and I love frito chili pie too.

    Your boys look cute with their headphones. We don't have a movie player in our car, but I'm thinking we need one, soon.

    We love to play dominos. We play Mexican Train a lot. Have you ever played it? So much fun.

    Have a great weekend. xo.

  5. Your boys are darling! The TX flag was what drew me to your post:) I'm a proud Texan! Have to try to find a central market around here. I recently moved to SA. Chips and salsa are my fave!

  6. Such great pics. I LOVE Central Market!! And 42?!! Yes! My family still plays every chance we get. That's awesome.

  7. Your Grandma is adorable!!! I want chips & salsa so bad right now!!!
    Happy Friday, Michele!!!

  8. that's the central market i go to! my family is huge into forty-two. i'm the only one that absolutely detests that game--i just hate dominoes! wish i saw beautiful sunsets like that. that's what i miss the most about living in the city--i don't get to see sunsets very often :(

  9. I love playing dominoes! And now I am craving chips, salsa and add some cheese dip too. ;-)

  10. that is a great picture of the sunset. i am so jealous you saw that.

  11. Beautiful sunset, and the photo of the chips has definitely made me hungry!

  12. I've been craving Frito pie for weeks now! Yours looks so good!

  13. Thank you so much for passing on the award! I got your e-mail on my phone and was waiting until I could use a real keyboard.

    Also, thanks for the comment about my new design. Any suggestions? I'm still working on it, but if there is something you think I need or don't please let me know! Hopefully we can talk and catch up soon...Blissdom is coming up and I'm pretty excited/nervous!

  14. Love the sounds of that frito chili God...sounds like heaven! :)

  15. The frito chili looks so yummy! We live in the country, and wouldn't change it for anything! The peaceful, beautiful views are wonderful! Your boys are adorable!


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