Saturday, January 7, 2012

PJs, Bikes, Anthro, Lovely Things, Warning, Good Deals

It's my weekly phone dump with photos of what's been happening lately.

Matching PJs
Don't the boys look adorable in their matching PJs!?! 
Cuteness overload!

New Bikes!
Will has a new bike!  He's been given money in the past for a new bike and we end up getting something else for him instead.  This year my brother sent the boys money for Christmas and we decided to buy a bike for Will.  It would eventually end up being Ben's so they both would benefit from it in the long run.  Will's also finally big enough to really ride a big (with training wheels, of course).  We had to go to Mark's parents' house because our driveway has a steeper slope.  They have a perfect driveway for riding bikes.  It's long and level.
Will surprised us with how quickly he picked it up.
By the way, we got a great deal on Will's bike at Toys R Us.  We bought it on clearance the week after Christmas.  Bonus--it was already assembled!

Ben's bike is used but new to us.  It was passed down to us by some friends.  Their little boy had outgrown it and it was the perfect size for Ben.  Ben's not too sure about riding it but he's content to straddle it and walk around.  The only new thing we had to purchase for him was a bike helmet. 

Lovely Things
Look what Santa left in my stocking.  I'd been wanting a mug with my initial from Anthropologie.  I gave my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law one for Christmas. 

If I'm not enjoying hot tea in my lovely new cup, this is a delicious treat. 

Milk glass
Do you follow me on Pinterest?  I have an entire board dedicated to milk glass.  My sweet aunt gave me this lovely hobnail vase for Christmas. 

My precious grandmother, Mama Winnie.
We visited her at the nursing home on Friday after school.  It was a good visit.  She has Alzheimer's and sometimes she is very confused and upset.  Friday she was in a great mood.  I miss my grandpa and I miss my grandma--the grandma that I grew up with.  Alzheimer's is a terrible disease.  We've dealt with it since 1998/1999.  We are thankful she is with us and for the time we get to spend with her.

Impromptu family reunion in Wal-Mart.
We rarely get to see my younger sister (remember I have a complicated family) and we ran into her at Wal-Mart.  It was great to see her and catch up.

Look at this pretty apron my sister-in-law, Brandee, made me for Christmas.  Love the pattern and fabric!
And, it's reversible.

The boys were given money at Christmas for Chick-fil-A.  What a perfect gift!  Is CFA only a Southern thing?  Sorry, if you've never experienced it.  So tasty!  My boys always eat their food there and they have a blast playing in the play area. 

 There should also be a "Warning Sign" that warns parents of small children to watch out for pre-teen, unsupervised, out of control children in the play area.  Nothing frustrates me more than children who are too old to be in the play area playing rough and intimidating the younger ones.  Also a pet peeve is unsupervised children who do not play nice.  I still love Chick-fil-A, but I watch my kiddos closely at any and all play areas.  It's just the right thing to do.  I'm finished with my semi-rant now. That is all.

Good Deals
I may have gone a little crazy at the 75% sale at Bath & Body Works.  I also had a coupon for $10 if you spend $30.

The mini hand sanitizers were 50 cents.

The little plastic case for it was 12 cents. (I bought 6!) 

And, I bought a few other goodies! 

Funny thing at Bath & Body Works, we ran into my in-laws and two of my nieces.  They were having a sleepover with my in-laws and were at the mall.  We never shop at that mall but we happened to be at stores next to each other at the same time.  Fun coincidence!

life rearranged

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  1. Love chikfila! So good and fun for kids but yes I completely agree with the unsupervised kids and the ones too old to play. It's always the moms with all their friends too busy chatting away! I got the same Anthro mug from Santa and love mine too ;)

  2. you are invited to follow my blog

  3. i know EXACTLY what you mean about older kids in the play areas. it used to infuriate me when my daughter was little and parents would let their kids who were bigger than me in there. i would just go up to the manager at chick fil a and say, "you might want to check the play area--there are some really big kids in there!" that always worked!
    love your anthro mug--i must get me one soon!

  4. What a fun post! I love phone dumps like this! Have a fun and RELAXING weekend :)

  5. We have CFA in Colorado too...LOVE CFA!!!

  6. Aww what a fun catch-up! I love the boys matching jammies too. So cute. And Chick-fil-A is a fav in this household too. (I just learned that if you return the toy you get a free ice cream scoop!)

  7. ok this is my type of week...bath and body works...chick filet...and anthro! Count me in! We woke up super early like 5 AM the day after christmas and headed to Anthro for their big sale...I got three of those mugs for $3 each!!! I was on cloud nine! haha


    p.s. come check out my blog design giveaway on

  8. i live in wisconsin and we have one CFA in our entire state......45 min drive for us but YUM!!! love the matching pj's and the milk glass

  9. They are too adorable in their matching pjs :) and I love the apron!

  10. Your grandma Winnie is adorable...bless her heart. I love the boys in their pjs, and also they look so cute on their bikes with their helmets on! Some of my favorite pictures are of Boyd with a bike helmet on. :)

    I love those mini hand sanitizers, and I have been wanting one of those Anthro mugs. So cute!

  11. Hey, I DO love that apron. The fabric and pattern are fabulous!

  12. Hi MIchelle, thanks so much for linking up again. Mama Winnie's face is melting my heart. So sorry for the struggles your family is going through with Alzheimer's and so happy you got to have a good day with her. I am SOOO with you on the Chick-fil-A playground rant. Many of those kids can be so rough. Still, it is by far my favorite fast food place ... :) Hope to see you again on Sunday!


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