Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Photos

In November we had Will's 5 year photos taken and our family photos taken for our Christmas card.  I've shown you our Christmas card, but I don't think I ever showed you other photos from that day.

It was a cool, cloudy day when we met Lauren at the Dallas Arboretum--perfect for photos.

We took this photo at the end of the photo shoot.  Both boys are happy.  Ben loves to ride on his daddy's shoulders and Will is laughing at something, probably Papaw Jerry.

Mark's parents were with us and Lauren took this group photo of all of us. 

I really like this photo of Mark's parents.

The boys look really good in this photo.  My hair is a mess.  The wind started to blow just as we sat down.

This is the photo we used on our Christmas card.

Some of my favorite photos from that day were taken at this temporary castle that was constructed at the Arboretum.

Will looks so big here! 
He wouldn't be still or pose. He's moving in all of his photos, including this one :)

Ben's getting so big, too! 

This photo is framed in our bedroom.  

There are more photos of the boys that I'll share later.  Just wanted you to see these.  Lauren is a pleasure to work with and I'm always excited to see the images she captures of our family.  


  1. These are gorgeous photos!!

    When you are writing your post in Blogger, it should have the option to resize your photos. If you click on one of them in Compose mode, it''ll come up with 'Small, Medium, Large or x-tra large'. Do you have the most updated Blogger? If not, you can switch for free!

    Hope that helps!


  2. Love the picture where you are each framed by a window. So neat!

  3. Beautiful! I know we share a love of that place. Your pictures are so great. We have some pictures of the 3 of us, but nothing nice like this. I have to make it my 2012 goal to get some done! Boyd had fun in that castle also, back in the spring when the tulips were blooming. Have a great day!

    ps. I can email you the way I know how to enlarge the photos. I am not sure if your blog template has to be different, but it's really simple. You just upload your pictures, then you have to remove a certain code. I might be off the computer for a couple of days, but shoot me an email if you want my tip, and I will reply back. :))

  4. these are great! what a lovely place to take pictures! i hoped you have some of the framed around your house!

  5. LOVE the last picture!! They are all great, but that one looks more like art!

  6. These pictures are so good! It must have been hard to pick one to put on your Christmas cards. I really need to get some family photos done but I'm pretty sure my youngest would not cooperate at all! ;)

  7. Love your family pictures! What a neat place to take photos! I really love the last one!

  8. Great family pictures! I love love love the last one!


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