Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sentimental Sound

I love this photo of my grandmother.  It was taken in 2001.  She's in her kitchen.  Boy, could she work some magic in that kitchen.  I miss her home cooked meals. 

Yesterday, I was preparing some food for the boys and I used one of the few things that I took from her kitchen.  I have a Saladmaster sauce pan, the steamer insert and double broiler that go with the sauce pan.  I use it all the time.  I was using the steamer to cook some squash.  While we were sitting at the kitchen table, I heard a familiar sound that I'd heard my entire life.  It was the jingling sound that the steam vent on the lid makes as the steam moves it up and down.  What a comforting sound.  I guess some people might find it annoying, but it's not to me.  It reminds me of home and my grandmother cooking in the kitchen.

Here's my grandmother's sauce pan, steamer and lid.

Here's the vent that makes the sound that reminds me of home. 

Funny how a simple thing can trigger such happy memories of my childhood.

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  1. This is a very sweet post. I have a few things of my grandparents that I treasure too.

  2. The small and simple things right? I have that same sauce pan and steamer! I got them from my mil when she was purging.


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