Friday, July 29, 2011


InstaFriday has become one of my favorite days of the week.  It's fun to share the random moments.  It's also less pressure because all the photos are taken on my camera phone, which is so handy.  I use the hipstamatic app, but I know a lot of people use the instagram app.  Both give the photos a retro/vintage look.

We went to the lake to feed the ducks.  We had the place to ourselves.  It was about 102 degrees so we only stayed about 10 minutes.

Will was trying to coax the ducks out from the shade but they wouldn't budge. 

Ben wanted to feed the ducks, too.  The fish ended up surfacing and eating what was meant for the ducks.

Just going for a stroll.  Did I share this photo last week?  I can't remember.

Will had fun painting.  I'll share more about this on Monday. 


Mark and I had a teacher training workshop this week.  We attended with a few other teachers from our school.  Mark and I attended for a day and a half, but they had to attend an extra day and a half because of the subject they teach.  I felt bad that they had to stay extra so the second day I took them snacks.  Snacks make everything better.  Have you seen the Scrabble Jr. Cheezits?  That's what I took them.  To entertain us during a break one of the teachers spelled her name with the crackers. 

During the summer we always try to visit my grandparents as often as we can.  I'm so glad that Will and Ben are completely comfortable in the nursing home.  They are friendly and talk to the residents.  Here they are with my grandparents.

This is really random, but Will brought in a menu and is reading it to Mama Winnie.  He's asking her if she wants bacon or sausage with her pancakes.  She's playing right along. 

The cat at the nursing home.  This totally freaks Ben out.  Ben's not afraid of all of the old people, but he's terrified of this cat.  The cat is friendly so I'm not really sure why.   

McAlister's Deli gave out free sweet tea yesterday.  Texas is southern enough that we still drink a lot of sweet tea here.  McAlister's has some of the best. 

 Sometimes I let the boys ride in the coin-operated cars (helicopters, trains or space shuttles) outside the grocery store.  I pay the 50 cents and they have a minute of fun.


This is NOT the grocery store with coin-operated cars in the photo above.  We went to Dallas last night to run some errands and we stopped at Central Market on our way home.  Dallas has a variety of grocery stores that carry local and organic produce and more specialized products.  Central Market is like a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. 

Ben and Will walked up to the giant fruits and veggie outside the entrance and "took a bite".   Chomp!

 My very favorite tea.

Any Seinfeld fans?  My husband is a huge Seinfeld guy.  I'm more of a Friends or Sex and the City fan, but he's loyal to Seinfeld.  I had to watch episodes so I could get all of the inside jokes that make reference to the show.  Here's a black and white cookie. If you've watched Seinfeld, then you get it. 

 I was in TJ Maxx and saw these.  What can I say?

 It's been so hot.  I try to keep the bird bath full of water so the little birdies can get a drink.

That's all folks! 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love how sweetly you describe the visits in the nursing home. Your grandparents must love it and the boys will cherish memories of them there.

    um, my favorite tea too! Haven't bought it in a while and usually get one (British Breakfast, sugar, splash of milk or Honey Ginseng with lemon and honey) when I treat myself at Panera.

  2. You are the nice mom. I let my kids sit on the rides and pretend that it is working!

  3. I use Scrabble Jr. Cheezits to teach Olivia her letters. She'll play with them but not eat them.

    My hubby and his family are big Seinfeld fans. And now so am I..."look to the cookie".

  4. HOw sweet that Will and Ben have great grandparents and enjoy the visits. Molly has a great grandpa that I hope she can meet soon (he lives in Florida). How sweet of you to leave water for the birdies...well, yes, you are so sweet! xo

  5. Hi Michele!
    Love the insta photos too. I agree, less pressure with the camera phone. :)
    Adorable pic of the boys with yoru grandparents!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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