Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun

Last Friday we went to eat fried catfish in a teeny tiny town (even smaller than the town I live in) at a place called the Windom Feed Sack.  It also serves other fried delicacies (one being frog legs, which I didn't eat).  Here's Mark's dad AKA Papaw Jerry and the boys hanging out on the porch swing.  We eat there several times a year; it's all my arteries can handle.  You can see some photos of the little town here.

I don't know what it is with the Old Navy mannequins.  My boys think they are so cool.  My husband has a much funnier photo on his phone of Will standing by the little girl mannequin behind him.

The dog is Ben's favorite.

Visiting my grandma, Mama Winnie, at the nursing home.  Ben jumped up to sit by her and give her kisses.

Will loves to ride on Papa Ralph's walker.  This is such a sentimental photo.  Both of the boys love to play with his walker.  They think it's a big toy.

Legoland or my kitchen table?
My kitchen table.

Another photo that Ben took.  Yes, he's 2.  Yes, he knows how to take photos using the hipstamatic app.  I promise, I didn't make this up.  We ate at Chipotle.  The entire family loves this place so we eat there a lot.  It was almost time to go and I was trying to keep Ben quiet and calm with my phone.  Ben decided to take a photo of his dad.

We went to see Cars 2.  Cute!

75% off!
The Calypso for Target line is now 75% off!  Woo Hoo!  The serving trays were less than $5 and the bowls were under $1.

Love the patterns and colors.

This is what the car thermometer read yesterday. 

It eventually read this, but this photo wasn't as clear as the first so I thought about not including it.  I did anyway just to remember how ridiculously hot it is.

Finally last night at about 7:30p.m. it "cooled off" enough for me to go outside so Will could play.  It was a "cool" 99 degrees.  I propped my feet up on my bougainvillea that's about to die in this heat and dry weather.

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  1. My grandma has the same walker, and my little guy LOVES to ride in it. But he rides the other way,so his feet hang off the front and he holds onto the bar. I love the pictures of him riding on it too. :)

  2. Oh those pics with your grandparents are awesome!!!

  3. What'd you think of Cars2? We went to see it last weekend. Mater is always so funny.

    I'm heading to Target this morning, will have to see if there is any Calypso left.

    And it is so hot at my house too. When I got in my car yesterday it read 102. Smokin.

    PS Just read your last post. I love the things little boys say. Especially that music quote, my oldest does the same thing! Funny little boys.

  4. Calypso on sale?? I'm going right now! :)

    And YUM, I love movie popcorn, it's my total weakness.

  5. oh myyyy... 102 degrees? i live in hawaii and it's never that hot here. :( i feel for you! your boys are so cute and sweet!

  6. I swear the post I just wrote looks A LOT like this one, and I promise I'm not stalking you. (ahem. maybe I am a little. haha)

  7. cute pics!!! my hubby took our Hunter to Cars 2, also. from their take, the first one was way better! and it must be a boy thing because my lil man is in love with the old navy dog as well.


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