Monday, July 25, 2011

38 Is Great!

Today Mark turns 38!!!

38 things GREAT things about Mark

1. Mark is a great husband.  That sounds so cliche, but he is.  You'll see why if you read on.

2.  He's an amazing father.  He makes our family a priority and makes sure we spend quality time together.

3.  He's the only person I know who wants to talk about all of the goofy stuff our kids do as much as I do.

4.  Mark is smart.

5.  Mark is humble.  He'd never tell you he's smart.  He doesn't ever brag or boast.

6.  He watches the boys while I'm at ladies Bible study.  This isn't an easy task because they both pitch fits when I'm gone.  Ben usually wanders around the house aimlessly crying Mama.

7.  Mark has a good sense of humor.  He does stuff all the time to make me laugh. 

8. He's witty and sarcastic.

9.  He is handsome. 

10.  He knows all sorts of random facts and trivia. 

11.  He didn't care when I started a blog and has even encouraged it.  He even reads it sometimes.  I'll have to make sure he reads it today since this post is for him.

12.  He listens to me when I talk about my blog friends and actually tries to figure out who I'm talking about. The conversation usually goes something like this: 
Me: "Katie's mom is sick."
Mark: "Katie in Georgia or Katie in California?"
Me: "Katie in California"
Mark: "Oh, ok."

13.  He has a phenomenal memory.

14.  He's frugal.

15.  He's not frugal when it comes to me and the boys, only himself. 

16.  He totally indulges me on clothing and shoes.  Sometimes he'll say, "another pair of flats?"  but he doesn't complain if I buy them anyway.

17.  He doesn't care if the house is dirty or clean.  This is huge during the school year because it's tough to keep up with working full-time and the demands of home.

18.  He changes the baby's diapers.

19.  He helps with the laundry.  He's never messed up any clothing in the last nine years of marriage.  He's pretty darn good at it. 

20.  He's well read.

21.  He has a nice voice.  I'm tone deaf so I hope our boys get his ability to sing.

22.  He's nice to people.

23.  He's not a pushover.

24.  Mark works hard.

25.  Mark has a really impressive knowledge of the Bible, and he's a strong Christian.

26.  He's a role model and example to our sons.  They are lucky to have them as their dad.

27.  He has a sweet tooth.  He'll never turn down a piece of chocolate cake.

28.  He loves to travel.  He's up for any adventure.

29.  He has a phobia of blood, doctors and hospitals, but despite that he was with me every step of the way when I had both of our boys.  He never flinched in the delivery room.

30.  He goes grocery shopping with me.

31.  Mark takes out the trash and will clean the bathrooms-my least favorite chores.

32.  He's athletic.

33.  Mark's very nice to my grandparents.  They are old and can be difficult and he's very patient with them.

34.  He's good at cooking on the grill.  I'm terrible at it.

35.  He humors me when it comes to family photos.  He hates having his photo taken, but he does it anyway because he knows it's important to me.

36.  He will eat at La Madeline or Panera Bread just because I want to.

37.  He watches chick flicks with me.  Obviously it's not something he enjoys.  He takes one for the team on that one.
38.  Last but not least.  I love him and think he's great because he chose me.

Here's the love of my life in October 2010.

Mark and Ben
January 2011

Mark and Will
June 2011

Happy 38th Birthday, Mark!


  1. How sweet! He is lucky to have you as his wife. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. This is such a cool post. Please tell him that Katie from Ca says "Happy Birthday!". I hope he gets to enjoy a piece of chocolate cake for his special day! : )

  3. Any man who will watch chick flicks and take the time to be patient with your grandparents is a catch in my book. Looks like you got a good one. Happy Birthday Mark.

    What a great post.

  4. What a sweet post.
    Happy Birthday Mark!


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