Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ben is 7!

Today Ben turns 7!

Ben has really grown up over the last year.  

Ben is finishing up first grade, and we are proud of all that he has learned.  He started the school year reading a few words and now he can read whatever he wants.  He even earned a spot in the top 10 for A.R. points in his grade.

Ben has been playing coach pitch baseball.  He is attentive and tries hard to do what the coaches ask of him.

Just as I've written about Ben before, he is still ready to play and get dirty.  He wears out the knees in his jeans, which is evidence of playing hard and having fun.  Ben is becoming quite the little artist.  He draws some things from his imagination and others he can draw by copying what he sees.  Ben likes playing PS4 games, watching TV and movies (at home and on the DVD player in the car), playing games on the iPad, building Legos and making his own creative Lego creations.  Ben likes to be a helper, and he doesn't like to be left out.  He is funny, smart, sweet, and kind.

Ben's favorite things:

Favorite food: Pizza

Ben's favorite drink is Dr. Pepper

Favorite fruit: apples

Favorite veggie: broccoli

Favorite sport to play: Baseball and Football

Ben's favorite sports team is the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys. 

Favorite toy: Legos

The best show on television according to Ben is Ninjago, and Odd Squad on PBS kids, and he said it used to be Chima but it go deleted but he still likes it.

Ben's favorite thing to learn about in school is math and recess in the gym and lunch.

Ben's favorite thing about school is recess and gym time and centers.

If Ben could go anywhere in the world, he'd go to Florida to go to Disney World.

Ben's favorite colors are green and blue

When Ben grows up he wants to be a baseball player.

His current favorite song is "Stressed Out" by twenty one pilots.

His favorite book right now is  The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite animal: Tiger

Ben's birthday meal, if he could choose would be Cane's Chickens

Ben really likes Minecraft, Ninjago, Ninja Turtles, Chima, iPad, PS4, Wii, Nintendo DS, playing outside, playing catch, playing baseball, going to church, and spending time with family.

We celebrated Ben's birthday early by going to a Rangers game.  He also picked all the places we got to eat on the Memorial Day weekend.  This morning he got donuts for breakfast.  Today was field day at his elementary school and he helped me make cupcakes to share with his class.

We plan to celebrate his birthday with friends and family by having a party at Chuck E. Cheese's (Ben's choosing) later this month. 

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