Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Celebrating Ben's 7th

On Ben's birthday, he had donuts for breakfast and cupcakes at school with his class.  The fun continued all throughout the day because it was field day at school on his birthday.  How fun!

That evening once we got home from school and church, Ben opened a few gifts from us.

We had to work hard to find a a free weekend to have Ben's party.  End of year baseball tournaments and other activities made it a challenge to schedule it this year.  We ended up celebrating this weekend so it felt like Ben's birthday celebrations lasted about 2 weeks.

Ben chose Chuck E. Cheese's for his party.  This was a first for us.  Since attending friends' parties there he thought it would be cool.  I have to admit it was easy for us and low stress so I'm not against this for a birthday party.

I made throwback cupcakes instead of cake.  Notice the candy letters like we used to have on our birthday cakes when we were kids.  I decided on cupcakes instead of a cake so I didn't have to worry about transporting a decorated cake there.  The party treats were candy kabobs that I'd seen a friend on Instagram make.  There are all sorts of examples if you look it up on Pinterest.   

I think this was a big part of why Ben wanted to have his party at Chuck E. Cheese's. 

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