Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Perfect Game

Last night we went to our first Texas Rangers game of the season.  It wasn't a "perfect game" by definition in baseball, but it was perfect, in my opinion, for so many other reasons.  First, there was amazing weather.  I'm used to sweating in the heat, but it was a pleasant 70 degrees.  That wasn't the only reason, the Rangers had a big Rangers win over the White Sox beating them 12-0.  Will just couldn't believe that the White Sox manager left the pitcher in for such a long time when the Rangers were getting so many hits.  It's always fun to see the Rangers score so many runs.  Another cool thing was that we ran into some of our good friends we didn't know would be at the game and got to hang out with them.  After the game, there was a cool fireworks show that brought the perfect night to an end.  As we were leaving Will said, "This was so much fun!"  We saved the game on the DVR and now Will and Ben are re-watching it this morning.  I love my little baseball fans.

Life father, like son.  Three of the biggest Texas Rangers fans that I know.

If you follow me on Instagram @redbirdblue, then you have already seen some these photos and ready my dorky captions. ;)

 Numero uno Rangers fan!

Everything is bigger in Texas! 

Fireworks after every home run.  We got to see this twice during the game.

Of course, I make them stop for photo ops every chance I get.  Sorry boys, your mom likes to take photos. 

Just a few more pics from the game. 

Surprised to see our friends, Durwood, Shelly and Dade there. Fun!

Good times!

Ooooh!  Ahhhhh!

On the way home we saw the Reunion Tower lit with the Texas Rangers logo.  Too bad Will and Ben had already fallen asleep and didn't get to see it.

Let's Go Rangers! 

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