Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On Saturday I was so excited to see two my best friends, Cory and Terri.  I've been blessed to have these girls as friends for a long time.  We've had some fun times together.  We all went to Texas A&M together many, many years ago. Cory's family was like my second family in college.  Cory was even brave enough to drive across country with me when I moved to Seattle.  Now that is a good friend, if there ever has been one.  I also remember when Mark and I drove to the middle of nowhere in Louisiana to see Cory when she lived and worked there.  What memories!  I see Terri several times a year because we always make it to each other's kids' birthday parties.  We all know how crazy birthday parties are so it's not like we get a lot of quality time together at those, ha!  The girls have been there for so many happy times in my life, but they have also stood by me at my saddest.  When my grandpa passed away, they were both there for support through it all.  Those are the people who you know truly love you.   Their friendship is a blessing.

 Luckily Cory's parents live pretty close by and we were able to spend time together since everyone was home for Easter. I wish we could see each other more often, but busy schedules and living in different places don't allow for it.  That made me appreciate getting to see them even more.

Love these beautiful, smart, and funny ladies so much!
(Please note the photobomb by the horse behind us.  We were in the barn.)

The kids hunted eggs at Cory's parents' farm.  

They even had a bunny pinata.

Cory giving us all her favorite Easter candy.

Strawberry cake.  So good! 

My boys had so much fun.  Love this family!

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