Monday, April 14, 2014

Bird Watching

There's a sweet little mama bird who decided to make a nest in the wreath on our front porch.  After sharing photos of the eggs, we believe she is a House Finch.  It's typical behavior for them to make a nest in a location like the one we have.  In fact, when I did a Google search it showed numerous photos on front door wreaths.  

After stalking mama bird for several days and trying to get a photo of her, I finally gave up using my cell phone and used my DSLR camera with the zoom lens.  Anytime she would spot me, even if I was far away, she would immediately fly up high in a nearby tree.  

This is the best photo I could get.

Look at how well she blends in to the surroundings.  It would take me a moment to locate her.  Mark was helping me. 

One more of her with her head turned facing us.

I was at the end of my driveway for this one, but as soon as she saw me she flew away.

Here are her five eggs.  Please excuse my dirty front door.  I would have cleaned it, if I had known a bird was going to nest there and that I'd be photographing it so much.

I've been taking photos of the eggs almost each day and I can tell she rotates them.  I didn't know that until I studied this little bird nest.  My sister-in-law confirmed that you have to do that for proper development.  I can also tell by the shadow of the bird in the window that she changes the direction she sits on the nest.  Usually she faces one direction, but that occasionally changes.  

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  1. Wow those egg pics are amazing. How interesting to be observing this little nature miracle. I'm kind of envious!


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