Friday, June 1, 2012

Ben is 3!

Ben is 3, and we no longer have a baby in the house.  Our little boy is growing up.  He's at such a fun age.  His sweet personality is really starting to show.  He's talking more and more.  I've been surprised at how much his vocabulary has increased in the last few months.  Now that he can express himself, he tells us stories and what's on his mind.  He's very observant and the wheels in that little mind are constantly turning. 

Things that Ben loves--
playing outside
cuddling with mommy on the couch
playing catch with daddy
being silly with his brother Will
watching Team Umizoomi, Curious George & Caillou
his bear & blankie
chocolate milk
french fries
playing in the dirt
singing songs and listening to music
the movie Cars
going to Mamaw  & Papaw's house
playing with his cousins
waking up early
being a helper
favorite Bible story "David and Goliath"

Ben is such a blessing.  The perfect addition to our family. 
We love him so much!

{Photos by Lauren}


  1. Hope you all enjoy celebrating Ben's birthday!

  2. Give him some "neck sugar" from me!!! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!!


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