Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gorgeous Glass

Last weekend we met Lauren for Ben's 3-year photos.  We usually meet up at the Dallas Arboretum for our photo shoots, and, in my opinion, you can't find a better place for outdoor photos in the Dallas area.  The flowers at the Arboretum change seasonally, but it is beautiful year-round.  To add to the beauty, there are currently Chihuly glass sculptures on display all throughout the Arboretum.

(A couple of years ago we saw a Chihuly glass sculpture when we visited Angela and she took us to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  You can see those photos here.)

After our photo shoot, we had a little time to walk around. We didn't see all of the sculptures, but what we did catch a glimpse of were vibrant and beautiful.  The crowds were unusually big for this time of year and we decided to leave as it got later in the day and more crowded.

Here are a few photos of the gorgeous glass sculptures that I took with my iPhone using the Instagram app. 

The boys and I found a place in the shade for a photo. 
Can you tell they are tired of having their photo taken?

Lovely flowers

Mark with Will and Ben--three exhausted guys.

Mark is done with having his photo taken.  He was a good sport for two hours, but he'd had enough.  Gotta love him for indulging me and my love of photos! 

One more of Ben playing with the sunflowers at one of the artist playhouses.  Ben was disappointed that the petting zoo wasn't there.  Ben and Will really had fun with the animals in March when we visited for Dallas Blooms, petting zoo photos here.

Life in an Instant

life rearranged

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