Friday, May 4, 2012

Instagram Fun

It's time for my weekly phone dump.  I was a loyal hipstamatic app user until recently.  Now I'm addicted to instagram and rarely use hipstamatic.  I finally figured out how to follow people on instagram.  Following is fun!  I'm @redbirdblue on instagram.

Almost every night/morning the boys end up in our bed.  I don't really like them sleeping with us because it's not very comfortable.  They are restless and I don't sleep well.   We are definitely going to work on them staying in their rooms all night this summer.  Here they are sound asleep while Mark and I get ready for work.

Will and Ben's daycare had a special father's week because they won't be in school in June.  Mark went to a special party honoring father's and they boys came back to school with him after it was over.  It was a nice surprise to see them at the end of the day.  We're just about to leave and head home in this photo.

We visited Mama Winnie in the nursing home. 


I had a moment of weakness on Sunday and had fajitas at my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  It was worth it. They were delicious! 

All aboard.  I bribe the boys with coin operated rides while we are shopping.  If they are good they get to ride.

I'm getting things ready for Ben's 3rd birthday party, and I had to get a few things at Toys R Us.  The boys have to play with the cars every time we go there. 

 Another moment of weakness.  Mark's favorite cake is red velvet.  Our favorite ice cream is Blue Bell.  It's a given that we're going to try the new Blue Bell flavor "Red Velvet Cake".  Friends, let me tell you that it was delicious!  I'm glad all we bought was a pint because we would have easily eaten a 1/2 gallon if we bought it.

My friend, Alichia, had a jewelry party at her house.   While she was showing us around her house, we spotted her new luggage.  How awesome is that huge Vera Bradley rolling suitcase?  Look at all her coordinating pieces!  I'll admit that I have luggage envy ;) 

This is the necklace I bought.  It's brighter and bolder than something I'd normally wear, but I thought it was perfect for summer.  In a couple of weeks we are having Ben's three year photos taken.  Lauren usually takes a few of our family and I thought I'd wear this necklace and the white ruffle top.  

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  1. It's a good thing they don't sell that ice cream near me. I'd be rolling to the store for more!

  2. That necklace is amazing! I think it'll be perfect for pictures! You'll definitely have to let us see it on. I'm liking the Vera Bradley luggage too. Nice pattern!


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