Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ben turned 2 at the beginning of June!

That's right.   You read it correctly.  It says June.

I can't believe 3 months have already flown by...seriously, where does the time go?  I also can't believe that I haven't written a proper blog post about his 2nd birthday.  Shame on me!  While I'm at it, let me confess that I just mailed the thank you notes for his birthday gifts about a week ago.  I'll blame it on summer.  We left for vacation a few days after his party.  When we got home from vacation we were in full VBS mode and I just never got around to it after that.  You would think I'm less busy in the summer than in the school year, but it's not the case.  So, there are all of my excuses, ha!

I've been a little down lately since my grandpa has been sick, and I haven't felt like blogging about life in general.  My mother-in-law had an accident on Tuesday morning.  She passed out and hit her head.  She has a skull fracture, bleeding on her brain (which won't require surgery) and stitches from where she hit her head.  She is still in the hospital for observation and while they continue to run tests to figure out why she passed out.  Since she keeps our boys while we are at work, we had to have a backup plan for their child care.  We are so fortunate that the child care center at our school had two openings--one for Will's age and one for Ben's.  Pray for Will and Ben as they transition to this daycare, which we hope and pray isn't permanent and that my mother-in-law will be back to her normal, active self as soon as possible.  Please continue to pray for my grandpa.  He will be moved to a nursing home today.  I don't know the timeframe on how long he will be able to make it.  Mark and I feel stretched thin.  I also feel numb.  I think I'm in survival mode and just going through the motions at this point. 

With all of that stress and worry I decided now was a good time to share Ben's birthday fun.  It may seem strange that I put this post together, but it's a happy escape for me to look back at these photos.  I need a little happy right now and this was just the thing to lift my spirits and get my mind off of all the things that are happening that are out of my control.

Here are photos from the day Ben turned two.  Tomorrow I'll share photos from his 2nd birthday party.  Later in the week I'll show you my favorites from his two-year photo shoot.

Here's the birthday boy with his celebratory cupcake.

Ben looks like he's thinking "You want me to make a wish and do what to the candle?  I don't think so."

Now he's got it!  Make a wish big guy!

Icing is the best part!

Such a cute expression on his sweet little face

Sharing a bite with mommy.  What a sweetie!

Daddy and Ben

Ben with Mommy and Will

Ben, you are a precious, sweet, silly little boy.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  You make each day brighter.  We love you so much!


  1. That face staring at his #2 candle is too cute!

  2. Ben is so adorable. I'm still praying for your grandpa. And now I'll add your mother in law and the day care situation to the list. : ) Love ya!

  3. Aww... what a sweet birthday boy! I am sorry for all your stress and worry. I will be praying for you and your family Michele!

  4. I cannot believe how focused he was on that candle!!! Too cute!


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