Friday, September 2, 2011

Ben's 2nd Birthday Party

Ben turned 2...

Three months ago at the beginning of June!

Yesterday I showed photos from Ben's actual birthday when he celebrated with a cupcake.  I'm finally getting around to writing a proper blog post about his birthday party.  It's only taken me 3 months, ha!

Here's Ben after all the guest left with the balloons from his party.

Where's Ben? 

Ben and Maggie.  I thought this was the cutest photo of Ben wearing Maggie's sunglasses.

Papa Ralph and Ben 

We had burgers, hot dogs, chips and fruit.  I love eating outside but flies are terrible about trying to get in the food--that's why everything is covered up in this photo.

Will eating at the picnic table with his buddies, Ty and Jarrell. 

Ty and Will moved to the fort with Kimberly. 

Maggie, Ben, Elizabeth, Jarrell and Angie.  Angie was very pregnant at Ben's party.  Bless her heart for being a good sport and still coming despite the heat. 

Papa and Ben and my pretty daylilies 

Ben's "Go Diego Go" cake made by my talented friend, Brandi. 

Super cute cake! 

Ben can't wait to get his hands on it. 

Make a wish!

Time to dig in! 

Birthday presents!!! 

He loved the toy drill from the Talley's! 

His very own vacuum from Mamaw and Papaw! 

Getting a little help from Jacob with how to turn it on and off. 

Elizabeth is such a cutie! 

Will and Kimberly.  They are exactly 3 months apart in age. 

Ben with Papaw, Mamaw, Emily and Elizabeth

Angie and Russell

After everyone went home Will and Ben played outside. 

Big smile from the birthday boy 

One last photo with Daddy and his vacuum (he loves his vacuum!). 

A good time was had by all!

*This is just a little side note so we don't forget the chigger infestation of our yard in the spring/summer 2011.  I received several texts and phone calls about how everyone had numerous chigger bites after the party.  Terri's husband said, we probably didn't have a chigger left in our yard because they were all on his ankles!  We felt terrible,  but we were miserable right along with everyone else.  I was covered in them and so were the boys.  That's life in Texas in the spring and summer.  It's hot and there are chiggers and mosquitoes.  Next time we'll dust the yard with sulfur and spray everyone with Off or Cutter before we hang out in the backyard.  Lesson learned :)


  1. Ahhh two! How fun. I love the vacuum. My girls would have gone nutso over that when they were 2. Good times... good training! :)

  2. Aww, happy birthday to Ben! What a cutie he is.
    I hate those darn flies outside too!! So annoying.
    Looks like it was a great party.


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