Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, it's so good to see you!

Life has been a blur since the school year started a few weeks ago.  So much has happened in such a little time.  Monday through Friday we go through the motions and get through each day.  The weekends are usually spent with my grandpa. 

 I have a new appreciation for the weekends when I'm working.  I feel a sense of relief when I've finally made it to Friday.  This year Fridays are no different.  I'm so happy to have made it through another week.

Friday has also become  the place where I can do a phone dump of post and share photos from what's been going on lately. 

Luckily Jeannette at Life Rearranged has given "phone dump" a classier name by calling it InstaFriday.  I don't use the instagram app.  I prefer hispstamatic, but they are basically all about the same and give the photos a retro/vintage look instead of the blurry mess that most of my camera phone photos look like.

Will in deep thought.

Will showing off his cute face. 

This wasn't a recent photo, but I wanted to include it.  Ben looks so sweet drinking his sippy cup and holding his bear while he watches cartoons. 

If only Ben's toy vacuum really worked, I'd have really clean floors. 

Labor Day
We ate at Cowboy Chicken.  Yum! 

The boys carry backpacks to daycare.  Aren't these the cutest? 

I've been extra emotional lately.  For example, I cried while watching the cartoon "Caillou".  Caillou was nice to the special needs boy who attended his playschool.  I cried because he was so kind and the little boy's mother was so happy that the children were being nice to her son.  I texted my friend and told her what a mess I was.  She told me that she's only cried while watching "Caillou" because Caillou's parents are perfect.  I can relate.  I usually feel guilty and so inferior to Caillou's parents.  I'm a loser mom compared to his parents, they are so patient.

Ben's chubby baby feet.  He's growing up so fast, but his little chubby feet still look like baby feet.  Have you ever read Counting Kisses by Karen Katz?  He loves that book.  "10 little kisses on teeny tiny toes..."

My husband made popcorn for the boys.  He didn't put a big enough bowl under the popper.  I thought this was hilarious.  He didn't think it was as funny as I did. 

Ben going down the slide at McDonald's.  Gosh, he looks like a big boy here!

We had a fun and unexpected surprise when we ran into friends at McDonald's.   

Will and Ty had a blast playing.  Ty told his grandma "I can't believe Will found me."  How cute it that!?! 

By all means, life isn't perfect right now.  It's still stressful.  My grandpa is still sick and in the nursing home.  My mother-in-law is still recovering, but getting stronger each day.  The boys are still adjusting to their new routine and schedule at daycare.  I'm still adjusting to teaching a new subject at school this year.  Mark and I are still adjusting to the stress of life right now.  Did I mention stress enough? 

Like I've said before, we're taking it one day at a time and getting through each day.

In stressful times, you really find joy in the simple things.  Simple things like--today is Friday!  That means that I have two days to spend with family.  I've never appreciated it so much.

Hope you can find joy in the simple things this weekend, too.

life rearranged


  1. Hugs for you, Michele. Praying you have a lovely weekend with your Grandpa.

  2. Bless your heart. I'm continuing to pray for you and your family. I love baby chubby feet or Flintstones feet. I can't stop kissing my girls' feet and I'm not a foot person. Love the popcorn!

  3. May the Lord give you peace that passes all understanding!!! He is a Rock to our "shakey" circumstances, He never changes though our day to day situations do, thats why we can trust Him!!!!

  4. Michele, I've been thinking about you.
    I hope that you have a nice weekend relaxing at home and hanging out with your cute family.
    Loved your pictures. That first one is so great.
    and ps- YOU can go out on the "scene" still! I'm a 30 something mom too, but I'm gonna do it! ;)

  5. love those little feetsies! :)

  6. Love your pictures!! :)

  7. I bet these photos will be so precious to you when your little ones get a bit bigger. My eldest is nearly 11 and I love looking back on him being small!

    Yours look utterly adorable!



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