Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big or Small

This week Will had a checkup with the endodontist to see if his tooth is healing correctly. I wrote all about Will's permanent front tooth getting knocked out here.

 Will received a good report and I shared a photo of Will and the good news on my personal facebook page.  
Here's what I wrote, 
"This summer Will knocked out a front permanent tooth. He had about an 18% chance of it reattaching and returning to normal. We just left his checkup and he has regained feeling in the tooth and it has continued to heal. I know that there are much bigger problems in the world than this but it was a big problem for us and we prayed for it to heal and be back to normal. We are thankful for this good report and answer to our prayers! Just wanted to share our good news. "

The comments from my friends and family on Facebook were incredibly sweet.  One comment stood out and when you consider the source it's even more meaningful.  A lady I've known my entire life said God cares about everything that concerns us and he can handle the big and small things.  Usually we miss opportunities to see him at work because we don't ask him.  

I was thankful she left that comment and it touched my heart because of all the things she's gone through in her life.  She lost a son after a long battle with brain cancer.  She also lost her mother and sister in a horrific car accident.  She knows about trusting God in the big things, but for her to remind me it's good to trust God in the small things meant a lot. God cares about what concerns us--big or small.  It reminded me of Luke 12:7.  I needed that reminder.  God's got it all taken care of.  Of course he does, even the hairs of our head are numbered.  

I appreciated her validation because I felt a little silly that I was so worried over Will's tooth.  There are much bigger problems in the world, and Will's tooth being knocked out pales in comparison to all the suffering that surrounds us.  Currently, there's a friend at work who is dealing with a brain tumor. Two of our church members have recently lost their battle with cancer, and their families grieve their loss.  I know people who are struggling financially.  There are unhappy families and people with marriage problems.  I have friends dealing with other health issues.  When I look around, I see that I'm very lucky to have all the good things I do in my life.  In the scheme of things this tooth issue was minor, and it might have been foolish of me to fret so much over Will's tooth, but I still did.  It kept me up at night and I prayed many hours over my sweet boy's tooth that was knocked out.

When I saw that comment on Facebook, it made me feel okay about my worry.  It also made me feel okay about giving glory to God for answering our prayers.  I don't know how God works, but I know he does.  I know we are commanded to pray.  I don't think our problem was more important to God than anyone else's problems.  I'm not sure why Will's tooth has healed up to this point, but I'm going to thank God for the healing we've seen so far.  I'm thankful Will's one of the few in the 18% that's had success.  

We have grateful hearts and praise the Lord for his goodness in the big things and the small things.


  1. I agree completely! Praising Him in the little and big moments are evidence to us of God's faithfulness. If we only waited for the giant moments, it would be hard for us to see God's sovereignty in ALL things. By praying for Will's tooth, you did the right thing. You went to Him, the only one who can really understand all our needs and hopes. It's a model we all should follow more often. And of course, Happy Jesus Dance Moment for Will's tooth!! It really is a thing to be thankful for.

  2. What a perfect response! And how brave is she that she recognizes that! What a wonderful friend! I'm so glad that his tooth is healing!


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