Sunday, March 23, 2014

Play Ball!

Baseball season started for us this week.  Will has moved up from tee-ball and is playing coach pitch baseball this year.  We had our first games in a pre-season tournament that started Monday and ended on Saturday.  They played a total of 5 games before they got beat out.  It was great practice and the team looked good.

He looks super cute in his baseball uniform.

Here he is up to bat. 

He's been playing in the outfield.  He got several good stops.

 I can't leave Ben out.  He's been the  #1 fan.  He and Mark's parents have cheered Will on at all of the games this week.

Mark's helping coach Will's team. 

My personal thoughts on sports...

Maybe it's because Mark and I are teachers and in the past we've both coached for our school, our perspective might be a little different than most parents.  We've made it our goal with our boys when they are playing sports to focus on 3 things: having fun, doing your best because you're on a team sport with others counting on you, and staying positive.  We have made a point not be critical of the officials/umpires.  We also try to be supportive and encouraging with the words we say.  We're happy Will wants to play and we want him to have a positive experience.  We know he won't be going pro in baseball so we this is all about developing skills and building character.  We want him to have a healthy competitive attitude.  With all of that said, I think we are going to have a great season and he will have lots of fun.  I know we really enjoy watching him play and we love to see him having fun.

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