Monday, March 31, 2014

March Randomness

March randomness consists of: Spring, sushi, selfies, early mornings, and my boys.

I planted daffodil bulbs a couple of years ago.  This year only two bloomed.  I'm not sure if it's a lack of rain or if I didn't plant them the right depth.  Maybe they need a year or two more to get established.  Despite the lack of blooms, I'm still proud of my two pretty flowers.  Their blooms mean the change of seasons.  Winter is over and Spring has begun!

Bees are another sign of Spring.  Here they are doing their thing in the grape hyacinths in my yard.

I like sushi but Mark doesn't.  After a busy week at school I treated myself this weekend to sushi from Whole Foods.  Will shared it with me and really liked it.

Selfies with my favorites 

Early in the mornings when I get home from workout I take a moment to drink a cup of coffee and think about the day.  Sometimes I read the Bible in the dim kitchen light and other times I just sit and pray.  The morning I took this, Ben woke up when he heard me get home and he wanted to snuggle with me while I drank my coffee.  You can see his bear and pillow and the corner of his blanket in the photo.

I won't lie.  The early mornings really kick my butt.  Sometimes in the afternoon it's all I can do to get dinner cooked before I crash.  In this photo I sat down for just a minute after school and I didn't think I was going to be able to get up. 

Of course, you know I can't blog without photos of...
 my Will  

my Ben 

We have a sweet family friend who is an amazing seamstress.  She made the boys pajamas pants.  They couldn't wait to wear them and they wear them every time they are clean. 

Ben has the most animated expressions.  I love all of the silly faces he makes. 

Will's hair is too cute in this photo.  I bought the boys bathtub playdoh at Lush.  It's really soap but it last a long time and they really like it. 

Saturday we had a laid back family day. We got to hang out at Watters Creek and enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather.  I got to sneak in a trip to Charming Charlie while the boys walked around outside.  Even though they are just 4 and 7 they already refuse to go into "girl stores".  Lol!  Typical males. 

 I LOVE moments like this.  Will is reading, Ben is listening and there's a random bag of popcorn on the bed.  This is pretty much representative of our life.  My boys aren't perfect, they fuss and fight like any siblings do, but they are really good friends.  Their bond is special and it makes my heart happy.

Look how big Ben is!  Go Ben!  He can climb the playset wall like a champ. 

This is our friend Ashley.  She's a teacher at our school and she goes to our church.  Mark and I decided that we need to adopt her as Will and Ben's older sister.  They love playing with her and she keeps them entertained. 

Here's my teacher BFF, Kacie, and Will.  They were ready for Opening Day in their Rangers t-shirts.
Let's Go Rangers!!!

Final photos of March.

Will getting ready to eat a baked potato for supper. 

Ben made a "sandwich" with cheese and crackers for supper.   

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  1. Love the picture of Ash. She keeps all of us entertained! :)


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