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InstaDecember 2013

Like so many people I'm obsessed with Christmas cards and I love going to the mailbox during the month of December.  "Happy Mail" as many call it.  I love all of the photo cards.  Each year it amazes me to see how families grow and change. I also love the sweet handwritten notes inside the traditional cards we receive.

Will has an opportunity to buy gifts for our family at the Santa Store at school.  He picked out this beautiful ring. It's priceless to me.  He earned the money to buy the gifts by having good behavior at school.  He told me it cost a whole $1!  He bought his dad some erasers. 

I'm a follower, and I bought the IKEA mug I've seen all over Instagram and the blogosphere. 

Letter to still my heart.  LOVE!

Our small town's football team made it deep into the Texas High School Football playoffs.  Y'all know all about Friday Night Lights so this was huge! It was really fun to support the team and travel to the games. The last game (State Semi-Final) was played north of Ft. Worth so we stopped by the Stockyards to eat before the football game.  We planned to eat at Joe T Garcia's, but the line was just too long.  We went a few blocks down to Cooper's Pit BBQ.  It's like the one in Llano, Texas.  We all enjoyed it!  Ben is a picky eater, but the boy can eat some Texas BBQ.  

It was FREEZING at the game!  We stayed bundled up and tried to stay warm.

While going through Christmas decorations, I found this latch hook Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer that my grandma made me.  What good memories!  Sentimental for sure. 

We had "Ugly Christmas Sweater" day at school.  I didn't have an ugly sweater, but my mother-in-law loaned me an old Christmas vest that she had.  My teacher BFF borrowed an old vest from her grandma.  I intentionally wore the flannel shirt under it to clash as much as possible.  There's definitely a lot going on with my outfit, ha! Tis the season to be tacky!

To balance out the tacky in the photo above, here is a photo of something lovely.  Angela sent me the sweetest package and surprised me with this pretty necklace.  I wore it the first chance I got.  

I don't get to see my cousin, Laine, as often as I'd like, but we did manage to meet up this week.  Our kids had such a fun time playing.  Her kids are adorable! 

I posted this on IG, but somehow it didn't save to my phone in a square.  I'm sharing it anyway.  It's been a struggle to get Will and Ben ready for school this week.  They want to lay on the couch all snuggled up and watch cartoons.  Can you blame them?  

This photo is from this morning!  The boys are ready for Christmas parties at school. They are so excited that Christmas break starts today!

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  1. What a beautiful ring. My four year old bought marbles at his Christmas market and told me they were for me. :) Not quite the same.

  2. I want that ring. And that mug. AND the latch hook. But not the vest.

    Merry Christmas :) Stopping by from Insta-Friday


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