Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

My two favorite quotes from Christmas morning are:
Ben, "I'm so happy!" said with sincere joy,
and Will, "This is the BEST Christmas all year!" ;)

I couldn't agree more with both of them. 

I love this photo of the boys in glow of the Christmas tree lights.

Let the fun begin!

The theme for this year's Christmas was Disney Cars.  The boys collect them, and they play with them so Santa knew exactly what to bring to our house. Some of these are very difficult to find so it was extra special that Santa brought them to Will and Ben.  They must have been extra good this year. 

Ben got a car that he's been wanting and wanting--Leland Turbo.  You can tell that Will is really excited, too.  He knows that one is a hard one to find.

Will was excited about getting Cars from the 2014 series (I told you they are serious collectors. They even have the official Cars encyclopedia book.)

Ben is all about Lego Chima.  He loves the cartoon (notice the pajamas that are not Christmas theme...that was a battle I didn't want to fight so the boys didn't wear Christmas jammies this year.)  I'm thankful Mark has the patience to put together hundreds of Lego pieces.  

 Ben is still really into Imaginext superhero toys and was super happy Santa brought him the Joker Tank he's been wanting.  

The boys got some new cartoons and movies in their stockings along with candy, fruit and a squishy ball.

What a fun morning!
Lego Chima, Disney Cars and Planes, Imaginext toys, Disney Infinity for the Wii and baseball bases.

I know what these guys will be busy doing!  
Time to play!

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  1. That does look like the 'best Christmas all year'! Merry Christmas!


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