Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get Pin-spired {Black + Brown}

I probably should have used Mel's photo from a couple of weeks ago when she wore a similar outfit.  
Her cute outfit with the black dress was "pin-spired" from an image I'd saved on my "My Style" board, too.  
I would have never worn the belt, dress and boots together if I hadn't seen others do it first.  I ended up getting a lot of compliments, go figure!

Sharing our pinterest inspired outfits is a fun challenge.  I'm not sure how many I can pull off, but it will be a fun to try.
dress: Old Navy
Belt: Charming Charlie
Boots: DSW


  1. Yay! Girl, you nailed that look! Thank you so much for linking up to us! Have a great Saturday! XOXO Shay

  2. Black and brown?!?! Who knew? Pinterest did! Thanks for linking up!
    Xoxo, Sheaffer ;)

  3. I may have to try this! So cute!

  4. LOVE it, Michele!!!! You totally rocked it. And, not surprised we had the same thing pinned, since we are so similar :) Thanks for linking up!!


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