Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Break Memories

Christmas Break 2012 in Pictures

Ben as the Abominable Snow Monster

Will's one tough little guy.  He started the break with strep throat (again!) but once he took his antibiotics he was as good as new.

I'm usually in such a hurry when I wake up that I don't have time for treats like hot cocoa in the morning.  I indulged since there was no one to get ready for school and no place to go.

We get out the messy toys since it's Christmas break.

Lots of Christmas traditions
Making cookies for Santa

Santa was very happy with the cookies the boys left him.

We had a good visit with my precious grandmother, Mama Winnie, in the nursing home.

She really enjoys the boys.  At this visit they colored for her.

I love this sweet photo.

More fun in the kitchen.
The boys made a Rice Krispies holiday train.
It ended up being more fun than I thought it would be.

We spend every Christmas Eve with Mark's family.  We have breakfast and then exchange gifts. 
I took Blueberry French Toast.  Recipe here.

These are the gifts from my very talented sisters-in-law.  They are both so creative.  One painted me a cool mug and the other crocheted this gorgeous scarf.

If the scarf was clean, then I was wearing it.  Love it!

Christmas morning chaos!

We ate lunch with Mark's brother's family on Christmas day.  Will and Ben love their cousin Maggie.

White Christmas!
This is the view from the front porch at Mark's brother's house.  If we build our future home at the land, then we'll be neighbors.

Mark and his dad watching it snow.

This is our backyard after a couple of hours of snow fall.

The boys didn't stay in it long because the wind was blowing and it was very cold.

Snow fort!

The boys had a good visit to the dentist over the break.

We watched Elf over and over and over and over!

Toys. Everywhere.

While watching the movie Will and Ben like reenact the World Grand Prix race from Cars 2.

Happy to cheer on our Aggies to a big win in the Cotton Bowl!  
Gig 'em, Aggies!  Whoop!

The boys let me pick the restaurant the final night of Christmas break.
La Madeleine 

We even did some shopping at Trader Joe's.  I stocked up on easy to prepare meals once I'm back to work.

I'm sad that Christmas break is over, but I'm happy to start a new year.
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