Saturday, December 29, 2012

White Christmas

I can't believe that Will and Ben have had a white Christmas twice! 
It snowed in 2009 for Ben's first Christmas and again this year. 
I know for many people this is common, but for Texans this is exceptional.  Any snow day is special, but snow on Christmas is extraordinary. There's a reason that "White Christmas" is a classic song.
You can tell in this photo that the snow was really coming down.  We didn't spend very long outside because it was extremely cold and the wind was blowing the snow everywhere.
The playset was already covered.
I love this photo!
I love this photo, too!
The boys are making a run for it.
It's a snow fortress now.


  1. Love your snow pictures! Wasn't it such a fun day?! We loved getting the snow on Christmas too. It's so rare, like you said. It adds just a bit more magic to the day. It was so cold, and we only played outside for a couple of 10 minute stints at a time. That wind was crazy!

  2. Lucky little boys!! I'm hoping for a white Christmas just once atleast!! Everything looks so pretty, I'm sure they enjoyed every minute of it :)

  3. How magical!!!!! It looks solo pretty!
    Some year I'd love to go to the mountains and maybe have a white Christmas.
    Glad you all had such a nice holiday. Cute pictures! :)


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