Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sentimental Drive

Sentimental Drive

You've heard me often say that we live in the middle of nowhere.  That's true.  We are in rural county in north Texas.  It borders Oklahoma (although we rarely go to Oklahoma).  We are a short drive into the suburbs of north Dallas and there are several smaller towns about 15-30 minutes all around us.  We have different reasons for going to these towns.  One reason we drive to a nearby town is to go to the dentist.  We make this trip every six months.  It's a nice drive through the countryside with very little traffic.  There was road construction last week, which made us take a detour.  We ended up on some FM (farm to market) roads that took us by my great-grandmother's old farm.  It's been so long since I've driven by it that I can't remember the last time I've seen it.  Making that drive brought back a flood of memories from my childhood.  Since I lived with my grandparents growing up, we made trips to my great-grandma's house at least once a week and sometimes more. I was shocked when I saw the old farmhouse was gone.  There's a new beautiful home built where it used to stand among the pecan trees and pines. The only thing that remains is the old barn.

I love a drive through the country.

It was late evening and the sun was in the west.

We drove for miles and miles and didn't meet a car.

The fields are so dry from lack of rain.

Another empty field.

I don't think I'll wait another three or five years to make that drive again.  I liked the peaceful drive through the country and the memories it brought back. 

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  1. What sweet memories. Some of my favorites are also memories of grandparents, their homes, and the places they took us! ~Sally

  2. So wonderful to bring back such great memories and have the time to take it all in.

  3. Looks so peaceful compared to the urban sprawl we see on our california drives.

  4. Aww, so bitter sweet. I went and took a bunch of pictures of an old house on my grandparents propety the other day because I fear soon it will be gone. I miss the homes and landmarks of my past. I am so glad you had the chance to drive by and see the barn and take the trip down memory lane. Hope you have a great week.

    Cha Cha


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