Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday through Friday

I didn't think I'd write a Misc. Monday post today because it was the first day back to school, but I decided to because I thought it'd be a good way to relax after a long day of work.  It's always an adjustment leaving the carefree days of summer and getting back into the Monday through Friday school routine. 

As I mentioned above, I'm back to work full-time.  We completed our teacher inservice/professional development last week and today we welcomed students back.  It's always hard for me to sleep the night before we start school.  I guess it's anticipation for what the new school year holds.  Endless possibilities and potential.  Can you believe that this will be my 11th year teaching?  I can't!  I'm lucky to have a great group of teachers to work with and super classes this year.  I miss the boys like crazy, but the day goes by pretty fast when I'm busy teaching.

I was going through my SD card and found these photos of Ben and Will playing in the splash pool.  I miss summertime fun.  If you look closely in the kiddy pool you can see we made some sponge balls.  I followed a tutorial online.  We stopped by Dollar Tree to get the supplies (everything is a dollar you know!).  The boys had a good time playing with the sponge balls.  I guess I didn't secure the strips tight enough because the sponge balls came apart.

Ben has the biggest grin.  He had such a good time throwing the beach ball in the water.

Will was behind these inflatable palm trees in most photos.  This is one of the few where I can see his face. 

This tutorial shows you how to make the sponge balls.  Very easy! 

The boys still enjoyed playing with the sponge strips even if they weren't sponge balls. 

If I could only get inside the mind of my two-year-old, I know it'd be fun to see it at work.  Ben has the cutest ideas.  He wanted to put his toy vacuum in the closet where I keep the steam cleaner and vacuum (and the winter coats, Mark's drill, a small space heater and fan).  He'd watched me steam clean the carpets before school started and I guess he thought his vacuum needed to be with the others.  Adorable!

Do you see his little red vacuum on the right? 

This photo of my front flowerbed was taken in May.  I just wanted to include it because everything is so dry and brown.  The lack of rain has made it impossible to keep any flowers alive.  I guess I should show you some images of my garden. I decided to try to grow a garden on one of the hottest summers on record in Texas.  Very bad timing.  I'll have to try again next year.  I know it will rain again, and i will have beautiful flowers to look forward to, but for now things are brown and sad.

Please continue to keep my grandpa in your prayers.  His recovery is much slower than we'd all like, but he is showing gradual improvement.  Mark, the boys and I spent the day with him Saturday at the hospital.  Will and Ben were awesome!

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  1. i'm sorry about your grandfather. i just lost mine last month so i know how hard it is when they're sick. hang in there. may God take care of you all!

    the vacuum is adorable... i love how they want to be just like mom sometimes.

  2. Welcome back to school! Have a great year! I'll keep your Grandpa in my prayers.

  3. Too cute! That little red vacuum is adorable. Prayers for your sweet grandpa!

  4. Prayers are continuing (for Grandpa, for calm at work and lots of loving on your family). Hugs, friend!

  5. Love the vacuum. Good thinking! Praying for your Grandpa.

  6. Hi Michele!
    Good luck getting back into the swing of things this school year.
    I am sorry I didn't know about your Grandpa. I will be praying for him my friend.


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