Monday, August 1, 2011

Painting and Patience

I'm NOT a fun arts and crafts mom.  Gasp!  Overall, I'm not a very creative person.  I feel pretty good about myself if we get out Play-Doh so that let's you know the extent of my craftiness.  My lack of imagination can be a challenge when trying to entertain small children who seem to love paint and glue like they love Santa Claus.  What's a craft-challenged person like me to do on hot summer days when you can't go outside without the risk of a heatstroke?  Just look the craft demons in the eyes and move forward.  

Be patient and bring on the paint.

At the beginning of the summer, I bought paint and brushes at IKEA.  I'd planned all summer to let Will have time for painting and creating, but I just never got around to it.  He didn't ever let me forget that I'd put the paint and brushes on top of the refrigerator.  He would ask me at least once a week, if not more, to paint.  I'd usually give him an excuse or distract him with a cartoon or some computer time.  It's okay, you can judge me if you want.  Remember when it comes to crafting, I'm not your girl.

The reason I'm such a reluctant crafter is that Will usually creates a big mess in order to create his masterpiece.  I don't know why the big mess stresses me out so much.  If we're being honest, it's not like my house is that clean.  It's not that anything in my house is of such great value that a little paint or glue would hurt it.  So, why am I so reluctant to let my boys get messy?  It's because I'm going to have to clean it all up. 

The solution to my anti-crafting is to be patient. 

Be patient when the paint spills.

Be patient when my little guy decides to paint the table (or himself) instead of the paper.

Be patient and let him have fun.

Painting and Patience = Paintence

Will's so excited he could barely sit still long enough for me to take this photo.

Just the beginning.

Little messy hands. 
Just to remember these moments and the fun times.

Abstract masterpiece, Jackson Pollock?

A few sprays of all-purpose cleaner and the table was as good as new.



  1. Totally worth it to see that face and excitement. I am with you on the patience deal. You have some frame-able art now! :)

  2. Great pictures! Love the hand covered in paint :)

  3. Look at you, momma!! Great job crafting with the kids! I can't believe that table wiped down with just all purpose cleaner. loved the pics. :)

  4. Glad the table is as good as new. You had me worried for a second there!
    Cute. My kids love to paint. They ask me to do it all the time. While I like how quiet they are while doing it, I also hate the mess too!!

  5. so sweet, and such great memories yall are making....even (especially) when the paint is NOT on the paper!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness...he sure does make a mess! :) Glad it cleaned up nicely. If my girls want to paint, i make them do it outside (but like you said in Texas that would be too hot in the summer)

  7. I am with you, Michele. The mess just kills me. But I know it is good for them so I suck it up! Good for you for going with it!

  8. woohoo for messes made by the kiddos! it is hard for me, but i know it's good:)


  9. so so sweet, and I absolutely love those pictures! I would say I'm more like you, I love crafty stuff but at times I get a little stressed out about it, but having patience is totally the key. Good job mama!

  10. awww those last pictures are the best! It is hard to let go but it's so worth it!


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