Friday, May 20, 2016

Catching Up: January 2016 - May 2016

We moved into our new house recently, and I couldn't be more excited to finally be home.

It seems like so much of the last year, from May 2015 to now May 2016, has been focused on building our new home.

Despite that being a major event in our lives, we still continued to have our everyday, life is still normal, happenings. 

I looked back through photos to remind me what we've been up to (other than building a house) since the start of the new year.


We met friends at Babe's chicken, which is a pretty good start to the new year if you ask me.

I like everyday moments like this one.  The boys reading a book together. 

February 2016

Kayreen and Jen were in Texas for a visit.
We think Kayreen is awesome, and it's only natural that we would think her friends are awesome, too.  It makes sense that we would become friends with her friends because she's our mutual friend.  You guys followed that, right?  We all had a good time hanging out together in downtown Denton.

Our fam and in the background Kayreen, Jen, Johanna, Joel and Tim. 
Great night with fun, sweet, and interesting people.

Valentine's Day photos at the farm where our rent house was located.

Checking on construction at the new house.  This photo is a good example of all the random things the boys would find at the construction site. Clearly they are of great value to them because they had to be in the photo!

 March 2016

Open house at Will and Ben's school

Family photos courtesy of Ben's teacher.

We were able to get away for one night in Dallas, and it was a much needed break from this stressful year.  Patty Griffin was in town, and we love her.  We had dinner at Sundown at Granada and then attended the concert.  We were with Craig and Andrea so that's how we got the photos.  We didn't have to ask a random stranger to take them (don't think we're not above doing that though!).  

April 2016

Angela was in Texas for a quick visit and she made her way north to see us.  She got to see the new house, we had Tex Mex, and then we headed to Canton.  It was late in the day so we decided not to go to trade days and instead we hung out at Paul Michael.  (I always want to call the store Paul Mitchell because of the hair care products, lol!)  I wish Indiana and Texas were closer.  She's the type of friend that I can pick right up with where we left off.  

Also in April we celebrated our cousin's 7th birthday.  My boys thought the laser tag in the park was pretty cool!

Playing hard in your baseball games = postgame snacks at DQ

May 2016

Our nephew, Jacob, graduated from high school and we celebrated his accomplishment.  He made a slideshow for his graduation party and there was an adorable photo of him in a Spiderman costume.  That's exactly how I remember him as a little boy and I can't believe he is out of high school now.  Wow!  If our boys grow up as fast as Jacob did, then Will and Ben will be graduating before I know it.  Yikes!

Will and Ben worked hard and earned a spot in the top 10 for A.R. points for their classes, and they were rewarded with a field trip to Cowboys Stadium/AT&T Stadium.  Mark was able to take off and go with them on the trip.  I'm usually the one taking photos (or in their opinion over-taking photos) but he did a good job and took some of the boys.

It's the final Friday of the school year. So that means it's the last Friday that I have to pack school lunches. I love my family, and I love taking care of them.  With that said, I don't love packing school lunches every morning.  I've packed over 150 this school year, and this mama is done.  I get anxious this time of year for summer which brings a break from our busy routine.  Knowing that we are nearing the end is exciting!

I'll be back with more blog posts to catch up with some things I've missed blogging about this year--Will and Ben's school musicals and Easter.

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  1. That AR prize would be the perfect motivation for my son! Maybe not the Cowboys...haha...but maybe :) I just love that is the motivation. Don't get me wrong pizza in the park is great but it's football! I'm glad you are all moved into your house and loving it. Hope you get back to blogging :)


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