Friday, October 3, 2014

Life This Week

Photos from this week.

Will and Ben are really patient when they wait for us after school.  The school day isn't over for them when the bell rings because that's the life of a teacher's child (or for these guys--both parents are teachers, bless their hearts!).  While we finish up, they get to play on the computers in our classroom and eat snacks.  I took this of the boys in Mark's classroom just before we went home.  I thought they looked really cute with their backpacks on.

Ben's my "helper" when I buy groceries.  On Friday night, we like to "go to town" and my favorite thing is Super Target.  It's our fun getaway after the work week.  Yes, I did just say "fun getaway".  I live in a small town and Super Target is a big deal. When one is at Super Target to buy groceries they might end up with a chess/checkers/and "that other game no one ever plays" set.  I'm not sure why Ben wanted to pose with it.  Also, please disregard how many times I just used quotation marks.   

The Super Target we like to shop at is just across the street from Whole Foods.  Will thinks it's fun to try on the glasses.  Don't worry!  We didn't let him keep them on for long.  I know it's not good for his eyes.  Mark and I both wear glasses so I think the boys want a pair of glasses, too.  We hope their eyesight is much better than ours so they don't have to wear them.

While at Whole Foods we picked up these cupcakes.  My blog friend Nicolle does a cute thing called "cupcake Friday" and it made me think of her.  This is our family's first "cupcake Friday".  Any excuse to buy cupcakes works for me.  I didn't let the boys in on the secret that "cupcake Friday" is a thing or they would want them each week.  Maybe I didn't let them know because I would always give in and get them.  Who doesn't love cupcakes?

There was a big storm that passed over our area on Thursday afternoon.  It didn't last long but it was intense.  The boys didn't like the thunder and electricity flickering on and off.  They wanted to snuggle up beside me while it passed.  I didn't mind the extra cuddles at all.  We decided to take a selfie in the storm. It was a good distraction.

One more photo from this week.  
Mark reading a story to the boys was a sweet moment. I love how they are listening so intently.  I sure do love these guys and feel lucky to have them in my life.  Mark doesn't like me to take his photo, but I wanted to save this memory. LOVE!

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  1. Always love reading your posts. They make me smile! :) Shelley at LISD


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