Monday, October 13, 2014

That There's A Swimming Pool...

It's the coldest day of the fall so far, and I've finally decided to share some photos from this summer.   This blog post has been saved as a draft for months, but I never found time to publish it.  It's all about our "redneck" swimming pool.  Our little above ground swimming pool is always a highlight of the summer for the boys.  When I shared some photos on Instagram this summer I said, "That there's a swimming pool boys.  Don't go falling in love with it now because we're taking it down in a couple of months."  Just like  Cousin Eddie said on Christmas Vacation in regards to his RV, ha!

Will and Ben have the most fun in the pool when friends come over.  Their very favorite guest is Maggie.  She comes up with all sorts of creative games to play in the pool.  I'm boring and don't like to play.  I prefer being left alone to lounge on a floating mat.  See what I mean,  I'm no fun.

These photos of Ben's hair are hilarious.

Ben was finally tall enough this year that he didn't have to wear floaties.  He was so excited to get to swim like Will. 

Will hates the bright sunlight so he always has to wear his sunglasses.

The best belly flop award goes to Will!  I love this photo!

Since I'm in the mood to post photos from summer, in a few days I'll blog about the visit from my family in Virginia.

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