Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Will's 1st Grade Awards Assembly

Will's First Grade Awards Assembly
June 6, 2014

I'm always behind on blogging about end-of-year school activities.  We finish up the school year, followed by Ben's birthday, and then we usually go on vacation or have VBS at our church.  With that busy schedule, there's little time for blogging.  Since this blog is my version of our family's scrapbook, I don't want to leave out important moments like Will's First Grade Awards Assembly.  Even though it's a month late, here it is.

Will and his first grade teacher.
Will's teacher said something nice about each student and also told what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Will said he wanted to be a construction worker who designs and builds roads.  Later he told me he wants to build buildings, too.  Maybe we have a civil engineer in our future.

Will getting an A.R. award from the principal and art teacher who helped with A.R. 

We didn't know about this extra award for reading. Will was really surprised (and so were we!). 

It's hard to believe how fast a school year goes by.  It seems like we were just dropping off his school supplies for meet the teacher.  It's been an awesome school year with an amazing teacher!
Will loved school and loved first grade this year.

Will and some of his cute classmates.  Good lookin' kids!

Will was so proud of his new Lego set that was his prize for A.R.  Will loves Legos.  They picked the perfect prize for him. 

I thought this was sweet.  These two will be going to school here together next year.  Ben's very excited.

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