Friday, July 4, 2014

A Decade Later

I love to see the time lapse photos of a person from year to year and look at the changes.  We just recreated something similar on our trip to Seattle.  Mark and I were there in 2004 and we went back earlier in June. I thought it would be neat to compare photos from 10 years ago to the photos we took on this trip.  We happened to be in the same location in some of the photos.  In the photos on the left, we are in West Seattle near Alki Beach with the city behind us.  On the right, we are at Pike Place Market.  It's pretty cool to see the difference that a decade has made in our lives.  In 2004 we still felt young and fun.  We'd only been married a couple of years, and that trip to Seattle was our first big trip since our honeymoon.  We have really good memories of that visit and spending time with Kayreen and her friends.  Ten years later, we are still happily married, but with two little boys along for the ride this time.  It was special to experience the city with kids.  Kayreen and her sister Kendra were the perfect hosts for our family and we did a lot of kid-friendly sightseeing.  I look forward to sharing more about our vacation soon.  I'm still feeling under the weather, but once I'm up to it I'll blog all about it.  Even though a lot has changed in 10 years, my love for Seattle has not.  Seattle was one of my favorite places then and it still is today.  

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