Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ben is 5!

Ben is 5!

I can't believe I'm even typing that.  My baby has become a little boy.  Maybe it's a mom thing, but I can remember the day that Ben was born like it was yesterday.  How did these last 5 years go by so quickly?  I'm having trouble even typing that Ben is 5.  My fingers keep hitting the 4 key.  Is that subconscious?  Probably!  

When Ben came along we knew our family was complete. He's the baby of our little family, and it's crazy to think we don't have a baby anymore.  In fact, don't even mention that around him because he will quickly remind you that he is NOT a baby.  He loves being bigger and is excited about starting kindergarten in the Fall.  

Ben is smart, loving, funny, creative, and independent. 
He's sweet mixed with just a little mischievous.  
For example, he loves to cuddle, but the very next minute he'd challenge you to a lightsaber duel.  Ben loves routine.  He doesn't like change.  If anything is out of the ordinary, Ben doesn't like it one bit.  One of his favorite things to do is cuddle up on the couch, eat popcorn and watch a movie.  Ben likes being outside and riding his bike or scooter.  He also likes music, songs like "Happy".

Ben's favorite things:
Colors: Green and Blue
TV show: Legends of Chima, Ninjago, Curious George
People: Mamaw and Papaw, Will, Daddy and Mommy, and his cousins
Toys: Legos, Cars, and Superheroes
Food: Pizza
Game: Baseball (Playing tee-ball in backyard with Will)
Bible story: Zacchaeus stuck in the tree
Favorite of all favorites: Bear (Baby Bear, Daddy Bear and Mommy Bear) and Blankie (which he calls his NFL Rushzone blanket)

Look at those brown eyes.  Love!

Ben has some of the funniest expressions.  He's definitely the most animated member of our family.  

Happy 5th Birthday, Ben!  

More photos of Ben's Chima Lego-theme party soon.


  1. Happy birthday Ben!
    5 years does go by in a flash, doesn't it?!


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