Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ben's Lego Chima Birthday Party

Ben wanted a Lego Chima theme party for his 5th birthday.  It was a challenge to find decorations so I decided to use the main colors of Chima--blue, green, and yellow to decorate.  We had snacks, cake, and ice cream.  The kids played inside and outside.  I didn't plan any elaborate party games.  For fun the we decorated cookies.  We also had a pinata, which Ben said was his favorite part of the party along with the presents.  Instead of doing big bags of party favors for the kids, each kid got a bag of treats from the pinata and a light up bouncy ball that I called a "Chi".

This is my favorite photo of the birthday boy.  
He LOVED his Chima cake.  My friend Brandi made it.  She usually makes all the birthday cakes for my boys.  I showed her an image on Pinterest and she made it a reality.  Ben chose Lennox and Wilhurt for his cake topper.

I thought this was an adorable photo.  My favorite part of the photo is the photobomb by Alyssa in the back.  She is too cute and I can't help but giggle when I see this.

Here's a closeup of the Chima cake.

Make a wish!

I had the cake in the kitchen, but I decided to take it outside to serve it.

The picnic table attached to our playset is so handy when we have parties.  It looks like Rachael is eyeing Will's ice cream, ha!  Mia is such a cutie and could hang with the big kids.

Ben is serious when it comes to taking a swing at the pinata.

Will is pretty serious, too.

I'm serious about trying to stay as far back as possible to avoid getting hit. I consider holding the rope to the pinata a near-death experience.  (In this case, I couldn't find the rope so I had to connect bungee cords.  Redneck, yes!)

Ty brought it crashing down quickly.  Thank you, Ty!  
We weren't forced to suffer through 30 minutes of pinata torture. 

Ben's other favorite thing about the party--presents!  We seriously have the most generous friends and family.  They always give our boys the best gifts.  This is Chima Legend Beasts that Ben's wanted since he first spotted them in the store.

Laval's Royal Fighter = Happy 5-year-old

Decorating cookies
It's not a good birthday party until everyone goes home with a tummy ache because they had too many sweets!

This makes my heart happy.
It's so cool that all of our family and friends get along so well.
All of the kids played together and had a blast. 

I enjoy parties but they can be stressful and a lot of work.  When I need help, my friends and family always seem to be there to rescue me.  Terri and Laine volunteered to serve ice cream.  My mother-in-law helped prepare the food, my sister-in-law helped clean up, and my friend took photos.
I guess it takes a village to throw a party at my house.

Ben's beyond blessed to have all of these special people in his life.  We are thankful they made his party so special.  Happy 5th Birthday, Ben!  We love you so much!

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