Saturday, November 2, 2013

Will's 7th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Will's 7th birthday party with friends and family at Splitsville.  Will has been crazy about bowling since he learned how to bowl on Wii Sports this summer.  We've taken him to Splitsville a couple of times, and he really wanted to have his birthday party there.  This is the first time we've ever done a birthday party that hasn't been at our house.  There are some definite advantages to having it somewhere else.  At the top of the list is not stressing out about cleaning the house before the party.  A close second would be that I didn't have to clean up the house after the party was over.

The number one reason that the bowling alley was great is that Will was on cloud nine getting to bowl with all of his friends and cousins.  Will bowled a couple of spares and had the second highest scores.  The party was perfect except for an almost mishap with a finger stuck in a bowling ball.  Luckily that was quickly fixed with a little hand sanitizer to help the kiddo wiggle his finger loose.

The bowling alley did a good job keeping a big group of 7- year-olds happy.  One of the coolest things about the party was the personalized marquee with Will's name on it.  The bowling alley is cool with a retro-theme (not the dingy, smokey bowling alleys that you might think of).  I gave my out of town parents fair warning that it was very nice and clean so they wouldn't get weirded out by a bowling alley party.

Here's Will standing in front of the two lanes we had reserved for his party.  The big marquee had his age and birthday on it.

So cool!

Happy!  Happy!  Happy! 

Ready to bowl!

The Birthday Boy making a wish!
Will requested blue cupcakes so that's what he got.  He even helped me decorate them.

Family photo {LOVE} 
What a fun day!

I'm thankful for all of our family and friends who made Will's party special.  They were all so sweet to make the effort to come to his party  They were also very generous with Will's presents.  He received superhero and Chima Legos, Ninjago movies, a neat book, Disney Cars and Planes toys, art supplies, special handmade cards, a cool space puzzle, and birthday money!

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  1. Hi Michelle! Happy Birthday to Will ! Looks like he was having fun. I've updated my blog and am going to try one more time. It will focus on my art for the most part. I love reading about your family adventures. Makes me miss when my kids were little. I notice as I'm typing that you've posted a pic of Grandma Icie's sewing machine. Thanks for doing that! I have a space in my workroom designated for sewing so I'll copy the pic and put it somewhere in that corner. I love that you wanted it and it didn't go to strangers. I have one that is not quite as old that a friend gave me. It was her mother's and her daughters didn't want it. It was ruining out in her shed so when I admired it, she gave it to me. I have Mom's old sewing cabinet, but the machine is no longer in it. Don't know why she took it out or what she did with it. It was electric though, with a knee pedal. I learned to sew on it. I just love the old stuff!


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