Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Will is Seven!

Will is seven!

Every year I try to write a special blog post about the boys on their birthday.  This year I'm a few days late, but it's still important to me so I'm going to write about Will's 7th birthday.

The photos were taken on his birthday when we celebrated with pizza and cheesecake.  The day before we celebrated at his bowling alley birthday party with friends and family.

Will is a kindhearted and sweet boy.  His intelligence, good nature and ability to go with the flow will get him far in life.  Will is smart, funny, and such a cutie.  I love his positive attitude.

He is definitely our child.  Will loves to travel and take trips.  He likes maps and hotels.

Will has fun spending time with his family.  He loves going to his Mamaw and Papaw's house.  Will likes playing with his brother Ben.  They are best buddies.  He and Ben  like collecting the die cast cars from Disney Pixar Cars and Cars 2 and reenacting scenes from the movies when they play.

He's in the first grade and he loves school.  He adores his teacher  and likes his classmates.

I interviewed Will for his answers on the following topics.

Will's favorite food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

His favorite places to eat are McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Taco Cabana, and Subway.

Will's favorite treat is ice cream and candy.

His favorite color is blue.

His favorite movies are Cars 2 and Despicable Me.

Will's favorite TV shows are Curious George, Ninjago, Arthur.

One of his favorite things to do is play iPad games.

Will enjoys spending time at school.

Will's friends at school are George and Keaton.

Will's favorite books are Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type; anything by Mo Willems; anything Laura Numeroff (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Pig a Party)

His favorite Bible story is Jonah and the big fish.

The best part of his birthday was bowling with friends and family.

Being 7 is special because he gets to take AR tests at school now.

Will thinks that since he is 7 his legs are longer because I told him that his size 7 jeans are fitting better now.

We love you, Will!


  1. He's so cute! Glad he had a good birthday! Wish I could get to know him more in person!

  2. He seems like such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday to him!


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