Monday, November 18, 2013

October, I didn't forget about you!

I seem to drop off the radar during the month of October.  

October was full of fun.

We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday.

We went to the State Fair of Texas.

We played games at the Fall Festival.

Pumpkin carving

Visited the Dallas Arboretum pumpkin patch 

Mark and I went on a field trip to AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) with our students at school. 


I intend to write a special post for each of the events above.  Maybe over Thanksgiving break I'll find the time.  If not, then I hope to get it done over Christmas break.  That's the funny thing about blogging.  I love it because I enjoy looking back at all of the memories we've made together as a family, but sometimes when we're busy making those memories I don't have time to blog about them.  I'll choose living in the moment and enjoying every second that I can over stressing about blogging about it any day.  When someone finds the secret to getting it all done, please be sure to let me know!  I still haven't gotten that one figured out just yet. 

Also, there's a lot of fun we've had in November that I want to blog about.  We had a great weekend and saw The Head and The Heart in concert.  We've also spent some time at our land and I have tons of photos of the beautiful fall leaves.   

We're gearing up for the holidays and looking forward to decorating the house.  
I just ordered my Christmas cards.
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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