Friday, March 29, 2013


Hi There!

It looks like it's been a week since I've put anything on the ol' blog. 

Here's what we've been up to.

We completed the ladies Bible study that I've been a part of.  We studied the books of James and Jude.  Instead of taking a break, we decided to start another study over the Parables of Jesus.  I hope to do a recap of the things I learned while studying James and Jude--I learned a lot!
This was one of the outfits I wore to Bible study--this is as close as I've been to doing a what I wore post in a long time.

The favorite pastime of the boys right now is Angry Birds Star Wars on the iPad.  
They LOVE it! 

I love technology, but we still read real books too. 

Be still my heart!  Will loves the Berenstain Bears!  I loved them when I was a kid and I think it's so cool that he and Ben like them now too.

Silliness before bedtime. 
I think it's great that they share a room, but sometimes their late night antics drive my crazy.  It can be a challenge to get them to settle down when they are in a silly mood.  

The last of the chai.  I probably won't buy another box until the fall.   It's so hot in the spring and summer that I don't like drinking it at night.

Speaking of temperature...this is super cold for Texas in late March. Brrr!

It's that time of year.
March Madness, baby!
We love basketball and the NCAA tournament is one of our favorite sporting events to watch.  

The boys really got into picking their brackets this year. 

Ben's bracket cracks me up.  He chose Miami over Ohio State with a score of 100 to 7.  

Will's first time to play tee ball.  Go Will! 

The nearest Whole Foods to our house has an old tractor that kids can play on.  Will and Ben love driving it. 

Book fair! 
I have fond memories of it when I was kid.  Will and Ben love going and getting to chose a book.  Their book selections weren't a big surprise.  Will picked an Angry Birds book and Ben selected a Power Rangers book.  Not classics, but we'll go with it.

Cape = Cute

This sweet boy makes me coffee in the morning.  His future wife will be proud that he has a kind and caring personality.  Such a sweetie. 

I've hit a plateau in my weight loss.  I gained 5 lbs when I sprained my ankle and missed workout for a month. (Curse you 5 lbs!!!  Grrrr!)  I decided to start faithfully following My Fitness Pal (it's an app) again.  I've been recording my calories and it's a challenge to not eat whatever I want.  These little pickles just might save me.  I can eat about 20 and it's not many calories.  You might have said to yourself, "Did she just say 20!?!"  Yes, I did!  Whatever it takes!

Willpower!  I didn't eat one cupcake that I made for Will's Easter party at school.  It was very, very tempting. 

And, I didn't skip my 5:15a.m. workout today.  We don't have school, but I still got up and made it to my workout.  I did go home and go back to sleep for another hour and a half, but I didn't skip! 

life rearranged


  1. I love looking at your pictures! Those little boys are just so cute!! We recently put our 2 in a shared bedroom, also- We love the relationship that is forming, but nights can be a little wild while they wind down! Those pickles just made my mouth water....Pregnancy and pickles! Ha! Have a great day off- the countdown is on until summer vacation!!!!! YAY!!!!

  2. What a neat old tractor! And those cupcakes look delicious. Have a great weekend!

  3. I hear ya on the bedtime with two boys in a shared room... oy! They never ever want to sleep alone though, it's cute. Way to get up and exercise on a no-school day!! That is EARLLLYYY, my friend!

  4. I love your blog. I keep thinking I will run into you via your pictures. Enjoy your Easter weekend.


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