Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will's Kindergarten Rodeo

Each year the kindergarten class has a rodeo.  The kids are allowed to dress up like real cowboys.  You would think that's easy for us since we live in Texas.  We do live in rural Texas, but we don't own any western clothing.  Thank goodness I have some sweet friends who let us borrow cowboy boots, a belt, and cowboy hat.  Will looked like a real cowboy.  Yeehaw!

The students "barrel race" while riding stick horses.  Will always does things his own way and he didn't want to ride the horse.  He just carried it and ran around the tubs that were the barrels.

Go, Will, Go! 

Poor horse, LOL! 

Cowboy Will 

Will and some of his classmates all dressed up. 

I couldn't leave out Ben.  He wanted a photo in the cowboy hat.

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  1. So cute! I did a lesson with my kinders on cow hands. Your boys are so cute!


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